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Leos Lyrics Plugin

Displays lyrics to your favorite songs while you play your MP3s.

Displays lyrics to your favorite songs while you play your MP3s.

This plugin displays the lyrics to the song you're listening to. The lyrics are automatically queried from and can be stored in your ID3 tags. For Winamp5.

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August 19, 2004 by Leo R467842 downloads

Leos Lyrics Plugin - Displays lyrics to your favorite songs while you play your MP3s.

Staff review

Very easy to set up and use

Clean and functional lyrics disply plugin. The existing database is decent... the searches run fast, but, it's not the most complete database out there. I stumped it several times with tracks ranging from hip hop to rock to reggae. Hopefully, the lyrics database will grow with time.


I have the same problem as jamo yeah. I guess leos lyrics is not compatible with the newest winamp version. To remove it you need to go to the plug-in folder in the winamp directory, delete leos lyrics folder. Then go into the plug-in folder and delete leos lyrics dll file. This must be done manually. Cheers. - January 3, 2010 by [email protected]

Wow! - Wow! :D - October 12, 2009 by ZoltaR

Crashes now my winamp within seconds - This thing crashes within seconds when i start my winamp. Can't disable it, winamp crashes straight away. How can i uninstall this piece of crap. Do i have to reinstall my winamp now.WORST plugin i've ever installed - March 24, 2009 by jamo yeah

Doesn't support non-English ID3 - Fully support skins, but does not support foreign (at least Russian & Ukrainian) Tags - February 26, 2009 by Sergiy Kheylyk

Great Add-on, Works well - Honestly, I think Winamp should come bundled in with a lyrics-finder or more .mp3's should come with lyrics embedded.Until either comes, this plug-in does very well. It finds the lyrics more often than it doesn't, and editing/adding lyrics to the ones it can't find is a very simple process (unlike other plug-ins which require a modification of text files in the file directory). This plug-in is operated and edited entirely from winamp itself. - February 7, 2009 by James Tran

wow!! - I have gone through several other lyrics viewer, and this one is the best I have seen so far. Yes, the database needs some more lyrics, but it works for most of the tracks :DThanks :) - February 3, 2009 by Lord Amit

crashes all the time - It crashes on Vista.. kinda disappointed. - December 24, 2008 by Gabriel Klein

Trojan alert !!!! - The plugin is nice, but it infects your computer with some trojans like: trojanDont use it !!!!!! - October 8, 2008 by Speedy Gonzales

great tool - is a great tool, but of course it doesn't have the lyrics for all the musics around the globe, but you can still upload the lyrics for your songs, so is nice enough and it doesn't have any bug. - September 3, 2008 by Ronald Abegg

Need Bento Integration - Great plugin, used it for a long time but now is not compatible with bento skin...please do something, it's a shame for such a good plug-in to die like this!!! - July 14, 2008 by sam santa

Doesn't work with winamp 5.5 - Actually this is a GREAT winamp plugins i've tried.but after i upgrade my winamp to the latest 5.5+,the plugins doesn't work.the lyrics search shows"error getting lyrics"!!!hope u'll improve it.but still 5stars 4me.tq-ham@KEHOE- - May 14, 2008 by illham pohan

Just great! - If you need a lyrics viewer in winamp try this. Automatically searches lyrics in web (many lyrics in the source), if it'll find more than one text than you can choose from the list and save lyrics to the song, then it will automatically open next time. Looks beautifully and composes very good with winamp main window. It's just like playlist, but with lyrics(!). One question to author: can you remove the "firefox-like" scrollbar and leave the "playlist-like" scrollbar. It would compose ideally. Great job at all! - December 4, 2007 by Nie Podam

Acentos - Tentei colocar acentos no nome de uma cantora e o programa no aceitava minhas alteraes, e forma vrias as tentativas. - November 19, 2007 by Walber Lustosa

Saves the Lyrics inside the file (Tag) - It does what it said, and you have the choice to configure where to save the lyrics, in your own files or inside the MP3 file.Unfortunately, it also re-write the name of the song, and worst of all, if the name have any special character it's replaced with other simbols or character combination.The database It's not too big, but you can edit the lyrics, so you can set a new one or reformat the liric.You can sumit the liric that you saved, but the error is very often and most of the lyrics sumited are lost.Without this problems, this can be a Top 1 plugin - October 18, 2007 by Jose Loria

Cool, BUT..... - I Have installed this plugin for some time now and on the first hand i thought it to be very cool and effective.I listen to much metal music and after some time i found out that leo often "finds" and displays the wrong lyrics, specially from bands that arent mainstream, like Legion of the damned for example. Some improvement on this would be very nice! But still it is a good idea for a plugin. Keep it up. - June 22, 2007 by Blotto Drescher

Effing Awesome!!!! - This definitely is one of the new highlights and mostly used plug-ins on my Winamp now. You have no idea what a convinience it is to click a song and see the words RIGHT next to it. Sure, a few people have mentioned the lyrics aren't perfectly accurate but if what you're listening to is decently popular, you shouldn't have any issues. And for those choice songs that seem to not be listed or have incorrect lyrics, if you're that concerned try another lyrics website. Otherwise this makes it MUCH easier to know the words to the songs youre listening to - May 31, 2007 by jonathan dark

Alright. - This plugin is good, I'm sure. But it doesn't really fit the criteria that I require. The database of lyrics, yes, is probably growing. But does not supplying the songs I happen to listen to sadly. As I have seen this plugin in action, and looks great! But that's life, great work, keep it up. - December 13, 2006 by Aaron Tanner

the database - the plugin is easy to use...but !!! the site wer the database source is locaetd is often down. - August 9, 2006 by ayu c

Error getting search results... - This plug-in was running the last time I checked, but now it doesn't. What could be wrong? I tried to downoad a fresh file and reinstalled it but still no go. My DSL line is working perfectly fine, so the problem might not be with my connection. Is there a problem with Anyway, I really, really, really want to get this plug-in running. It really impressed me the first time I saw it. Anybody out there...please help me. my e-mail address is [email protected] or post a reply here. Still 5 Stars for a very cool, useful, and indispensable plug-in! :) - June 29, 2006 by Beng Damot

Woah! It really works! - I listen to allot of metal and bands that I wouldn't expect to find on a general lyrics database, but it found every song I tested it with (except for a few that isnt even on the internet) it finds the lyrics instantly and allows oyu to export the lyrics tro a text file. - June 9, 2006 by Kyle Manuel

Great! but... - Would it be possible to reprogram this so that it will search other lyrics sites? This way it would be more complete. - May 18, 2006 by j p

Excelent - Very Good and complete - May 6, 2006 by Man Juanel

But I HAVE the lyrics! - Leo's Lyric plug-in would be a fine program but for one critical flaw: It does NOT support whatever lyrics may already be present in Lyrics tag(s) in the file! I already have the lyrics permanently embedded in several THOUSAND songs, including hard-to-find lyrics, and those I've had to manually type in by myself, and the plug-in apparently makes no attempt to read those, but simply polls the Leo's Lyrics site for the lyrics. If they're not there, you can't even pull them out of your own files. - April 3, 2006 by Henry Sasser

good enough - sometimes i have to replay the song to perceive it...although it's fantastic. thanx so much to Leos - March 28, 2006 by ersin tunca

ok - good - March 2, 2006 by Mordred mordred

AMAZING - Im not gonna waste peoples time by writting a massive review. All im gonna say is, it works, the lyric database is phenomenal. Best Lyrics Plugin, i've ever tried. Download it, you'll love it - February 5, 2006 by James Morris

NICE!! - Works pretty good. It should come with as a default plug in in the installation package. - January 30, 2006 by Nicolas jimenez

? - This plug-in is pretty good, except for one thing. On quite a few of my songs, the lyrics are shown, but only for a quick second and than the song changes automatically. And it won't play the song even if i click on it manually. - January 23, 2006 by Mario Quintero

Damn good Plugin - it?s a very good plugin and i?ll miss it...doesn?t work with winamp 5.12 so either i?ll find an older version which works or wait for a newer version.. but i used it a long time and in this time i never had any problems with it, so 5 stars. - January 5, 2006 by TRex Dino

Not bad... but - I tested this plugin and i have to say that a lot of the lyrics are not correct. I also sended corrections to the webmaster of the site but they are not corrected up to now.. very poor... ill delete this plugin... not worth to be on my machine... - December 31, 2005 by Mark Burger

It's a really good Plugin - It's a really good and best useful Plugin. The database is not bad, but my question is: how can I integrate a lyric from external source? *.txt, *.lrc,...... - December 26, 2005 by Kalle Muehlberg

Wow - It does what it needs to do! - December 14, 2005 by Robert Barnes

Great! - Very user friendly, but sometimes has the bug of saving a lyric for an online/streaming audio.So sad about that...:( - December 13, 2005 by nyzem cruisebuzz

5.1 - It's by far the best lyrics program, but it has serious problems with Winamp 5.1+, so I'm stuck waiting for them to upgrade the plugin. Otherwise, I use it everyday. - December 6, 2005 by Patrick Neil

Nice, with problems - This is a great plugin...It finds most of my songs and before I got the latest version of winamp I didn't have any problem with it. Once I downloaded the latest winamp its begun to randomly crash my Winamp. The plugin is better than most, but now I've been forced to find another plugin. They really should fix this problem. - December 4, 2005 by Brittani Williams

Great! - Yeah! It's Great! GREAT, GREEAT, GREAT PlugIn!!! But even this great plugin has some bugs, aren't there any newer versions of it? Anyway, it's GREAT, GREAT, GREAT!!! - November 24, 2005 by Dany Minukhin

great plugin, not so great database - the plugin itself is great! I don't see why people keep complaining about uninstalling it. I mean, if you go to Winamp's plugin preferences, there's the uninstall option right there. It worked for me when I needed to fix something I'd screwed up. The only issues I have are the file names with "(live)", remixes, etc. and that the database sometimes doesn't connect. I expect the obscure stuff I listen to not to be found (at least not every single song), but sometimes it can't connect to find anything at all... and (I believe) hasn't accepted a single submission I've made, but, again, that's not this plugin. That's the website's database. - November 15, 2005 by chris ballard

i swear by this plug-in - this was the first, best, and most useful plug-in i ever downloaded. i listen to a lot of music that would be considered 'independent', and not 'mainstream', and this plug-in does a WONDERFUL job providing me with 90% accurate lyrics. the database has grown tremendously since i downloaded it as well. - November 4, 2005 by jo c

best lyric plugin out there - after trying several different lyrics plugins this one is easiest to use, has the most extensive database and looks the best. especially like the fully skinnable window and font. great job - November 3, 2005 by Neo Williams

Great Job! but... - Hey Leo, ur plug-in is awesome, i really liked it, but I'm having some troubles with it. I installed it a few days ago, and now i can't see the lyrics window that used to appear under the media library window. And yes i checked the menu and theres already a check on "" can u help me please? - October 10, 2005 by Punkther Wenngatz

This plugin rules - I have wanted a lyric generator for years. This plugin is fast and accurate. As soon as the song starts, the lyrics are automatically displayed. If the song isn't found, a list of choices will display instead. Finally, I do not have to search the internet for the lyrics just to have the song end by the time I find it. Leo, you rock! - October 5, 2005 by Ryan H

Simple y Funciona - De lo mejor en Plugings Good Job! - October 4, 2005 by Octavio Le�n

Great Feature - I just downloaded Leos Lyrics Plungin and so far its been great. I listen to a lot of underground hiphop and guess what . . . the lyrics are there. This should keep me occupied for a long time. - October 2, 2005 by eid daz

MY FAVORITE PLUGIN - If you enjoy "singing along with" or "reading the lyrics of" your favorite songs, this plugin is truly a must. Before you use it, make sure your songs are properly "tagged", because Leo's Lyrics Plugin uses the "title" and "artist" tags to search its song database. The database is pretty good and most popular songs are covered. When it's not found, you can adjust the search parameters to find it yourself to look for the song. Finally, Leo's song database is made up of user submissions, so if you don't find what you want, just upload your favorite songs to Leo's website and then you are in business. Great Plugin - September 18, 2005 by Philip Lee

good but.. - fantastic, but not support for unicode(multilanguage display),display chinese character in "pin yin" is awful. - September 10, 2005 by dennert lim

LoL - its funny how it actually works and in seconds.. works for 99% of the songs even the not femiliar ones good going - September 7, 2005 by R A

Excellent plug-in - Easy to use, fast and sharp finding the lyrics not only with english lyrics. A very good job..!! - August 31, 2005 by francisco verastegui

Perfetto - Perfetto, trova i testi immediatamente! - August 27, 2005 by Luigi Licitra

Just About PERFECT - This is by far the Best Lyrics Plug out there. Just about Flawless. If you have a Cable or DSL Connection and a huge Playlist? It finds the lyrics as soon as you click a song to play. If there are different versions to a song? It shows you all of them and lets YOU pick and save which one to use by default. The only thing that could be fixed is that sometimes it takes a few more seconds than usual and I don't know why, but it always finds something so far - so still 5 Stars! - August 15, 2005 by Brian Stevens

WOW - This works great from Rammstein to Hank williams SR. it finds it all. THANK YOU THIS IS THE BEST ONE I FOND AND I LOVE IT! - August 7, 2005 by Gunz Coty

Wow.... - A lyric plug-in that works. I'm impressed Leo. Good Work! - July 23, 2005 by Anthony Fehr

Yeh.. - Hey its great! But the only trouble is that it has a hard time finding WMA songs like Auto when you play them. Other then that I was only able to stump it with songs that have like (live) in it, and my 'Same Old Bullsh*t' Beastie Boys. - July 21, 2005 by Neil Jones

Best Lyrics Plugin - A Little Unstable Though... I've learnt to deal with it. - June 14, 2005 by Blake Randolph

Best lyricd plug-in! - Tried a couple of plug-ins for lyrics and started using leos lyrics for about 6 moth ago. I think this is the best one. Finds almost every song (also dutch lyrics) and has the same lay-out as the modern skinn of WInamp. Leo, thank you very much for it! - June 11, 2005 by Marty Be

Problems... and Problems.... - This plugin is good... but need more and more work. The Save feature to ID3v2 not WORK!... This need to be correctect... I try several plugins for Picture Album and Lyrics and No one Works.... nothing of this plugins can Modify the mp3 file in Winamp... :( I tryed this: Open a Mp3 file with Lyrics, the Plugin shows the lyrics perfect, but i modify the lyrics and press save button (in options i have to save into id3v2 tag) and the plugin not save the Mp3 file... only make a new TXT file... TOOO BAD!!! The Best Lyrics Plugin need: * AutoDownload Lyrics. * AutoUpload Lyrics. * AutoSave into Mp3 id3v2 Lyrics. (for what reasson need to use a txt files!???) - June 5, 2005 by SiT Wulf

Just Great :) - It is much better than what I had before in the lyrics department. I especially like tha fact that the plug-in saves the lyrics in a folder on the computer and the next time you play the song it appears much faster and you can even use it when you don't have a connection to the internet. Great graphics and everything. Great. - May 7, 2005 by Ciprian Popescu

Aint nothing compaired with Evillyrics - got its look..and the lyrics..but wtf where is the uninstaller?... the interface look is nice thoe... I suggiest that u download Evillyrics insted of got more feat. n more pref. - April 22, 2005 by Michael Forman

Almost perfect - I\'d rate it a 5, but when I play a song that has more than 80 characters in the title, Winamp gets stuck and LeosLyrics pops up a message saying \"Please enter no more than 80 characters.\" It will sit there forever untill I click the OK button---twice. Then I have to stop Winamp and hit play again. - April 21, 2005 by Yahochanan Marqos

Surprisingly quick - I was shocked to see it load lyrics so quickly after switching to a new song - I have yet to find a song in my collection that it doesn't have the lyrics for (famous last words...). Great plugin! - April 5, 2005 by Jacques Brel

Great - This plug-in is hust fantastic and highly recomended - April 4, 2005 by Wigner Familia

fantastic - >.> - April 2, 2005 by no one


nice - p-i-m-p. need i say more? i'm very impressed - January 22, 2005 by Bob Green

Great plugin - I tried several of these plugins and this is the only one that really works well with the new versions. Shows lyrics in a clean Winamp-style window which you can turn off. Also has a wide variety of lyrics in the database, and you can correct errors and make changes. The only thing it\'s really missing is synched-lyrics, but that would be a great future feature. - January 20, 2005 by TheAntiquist na

Perfect - Works very well. Found all lyrics I wanted, even unpopular tracks. - January 18, 2005 by Kuhkaff Emil

Best That I Got,But...... - I downloaded leos lyrics and I'm very much satisfied with w98 base. But now i change my base to wxp2 I got some problems the lyrics becomes smaller so i decided to delete this plug in and downloaded it again coz i believe in you guys thanks angelv4 - January 14, 2005 by angel villa

excellent - This plugin is simple and quite perfect, does exactly what needs to be done and in a timely fashion. - January 2, 2005 by Sean Richardson

Really Great - Hi, its me again, i just found the japanese songs lyrics, but not so many, it is quite perfect...... it is really great. I really like it... - January 1, 2005 by Josh Swixx

Leos Lyrics Plugin - yeah real nice job on the plugin it found my lyrics lighting quick ^^ - December 27, 2004 by jesus hoyos

Best Lyrics Plug-in, but... - Its kind of bulky, I would've liked a much simpler window, but I really can't complain. It searches VERY fast, but I have had a few problems finding lyrics because they are titled incorrectly in the database (for example, System of a Down's 'Shimmy' was called 'Shimmer'), but these're very minor flaws. Overall, the best plug-in. - December 22, 2004 by jeff johansson

Leos Lyrics - Downloaded and loaded ok. Actually finds most lyrics too. Only problem is it locks up winamp even though it continues to play. Have to stop it using the file manager. - December 21, 2004 by John Ives

This is freakin awesome. - I have not found a song yet that this plugin cannot pull up a lyric sheet for. It is really good, no problems or bugs that I can see. And if it doesn't automatically show the lyrics with the next song, there's a good search feature built in. My favorite thing about it though is that you can make changes to the lyrics within the plugin and then save to a text file. Very convienent, and very easy to use. Major props to this Leo guy, whoever you are man. - December 13, 2004 by Xavier Gold

Wont even run properly. - Upon opening Winamp, I get the following message after installing Leos Lyrics Plugin. "error parsing xml layer(player-elements.xml) not well formed at line 654. Upon clicking okay, the Lyrics window opens, and nothing else. Upon clicking on the Winamp main window, my skin is gone. There isn't any kind of uninstall option for this, so I had to uninstall Winamp and start over. Thanks for nothing. - December 12, 2004 by Silver Steele

Good, but... - As for finding lyrics, this plugin is great. But the window does some whacky stuff. The default option is to open at Winamp's startup, which is annoying when I'm just opening a short wave file, or just don't need any lyrics. Turning that option off, the window would not open at startup, but would not open when I told it to either. Then I would find the window open after switching back to my account (from another, or just from the welcome screen), though no one told it to open. Three stars for content, but the other two are lost in functionality. I'm not using it anymore. Hopefully this can get this fixed, since I do like the plugin, bugs aside. If you want further information, email me: [email protected] Running Windows XP SP2, using fast user switching. Also running Winamp 5.07, with classic skin. - December 8, 2004 by Gabriel Luci

The BEST of the BEST of the BEST. - Simply the best plugin for winamp. I've been using winamp since version 1.0, making me one of the oldest users of the software... My collection contains over 10,000 skins, and 2500 plugins. I have always tried out various lyric searches for all of my mp3's (they are more than 1,00,000 in number), this is BEST lyric finder out there. I have a small request to everyone, just keep the searches free, and please contribute to the lyrics. Please :) - December 5, 2004 by Bidhan Karnik

Works great! - It's just what I was looking for! Works great and finds most of the music files, even alow you to export the lyric to a file. - December 4, 2004 by Rodrigo Vieira

Very Good - I just downloaded the top 10 rated lyrics plugins and found this to be the best one. Huge database, fast and easy to use. - November 20, 2004 by Blake Randolph

great - works best - November 18, 2004 by alexander repp

Wow - Wow! What a difference a lyric finder that work makes. I have tried many others and this one is fast and accurate. It makes listening fun! Now I can sing along without mistakes hehehe - November 12, 2004 by Jay Littlefeather

It's good for me - So I give you 5 stars. It's simple and it find the things I need :) Ciao :) - November 12, 2004 by - SverX -

GREAT! - this plug-in is very good - November 7, 2004 by Guillermo Rodriguez

U know when i search lyric (VERY FASTER)!! - this pug-in is very very good, FASTER and SIMPLE..... U r the best for searching lyric. ...... Nice Plug-in....... ...... Nice Plug-in....... ...... Nice Plug-in....... U know when i searching lyric (VERY FASTER)!! Thanks for Leos.. - November 3, 2004 by Andrie Sinatra

better than other - this is first time ever great lyric plugin i've been searching all around. i give two thumbs up! - October 29, 2004 by Ariff Samani

The best available - after trying 10 other plugins, this was the only one with fast, acurate results. it even found the dillinger escape plan.... - October 28, 2004 by craig mcrae

Very Good And Useful! - This plugin is one i have been searching for a long time! Really! The searches are very fast! Results are excellent! Thanks for this plugin! - October 26, 2004 by Vytautas Palubeckas

Amazing - Really efficient painless lyrics finder. Bravo! - October 14, 2004 by Serge Rivest

Very GooD! - Hey dude Its a very good plugin bye brantje - October 2, 2004 by Brantje Brantje

Not Bad! - I do like that this is fast at collecting the lyrics, BUT. There is always a but here or The main thing I DON'T like about it is that I cannot edit the lyrics with out little squares showing up when the song show up after editting in the past. The BEST lyrics program is what was mentioned just before me ( Thanks for posting this plugin. I have been waiting and looking for this site to show up. Don't get me wrong, this is a GREAT Lyrics Plugin. I just have been waiting for the other one. Keep up the great work if that means anything now. Really, I mean it. GR8 Work!!! - October 1, 2004 by Jesse Wilson

not extraordinary - Same plug-in as Lyrix ( but this one has less full of lyrics, less moderated..i prefer Lyrix - September 5, 2004 by FRENCH WINAMP

Really useful - Really usefull plug-in! Moderate data base. - August 31, 2004 by Andor Brudi

Missing songs in Leos Database - I tried to find several songs (and albums) from various genres old and new and found that the database is limited for my needs. Only the straight-forward american (& MTV) taste is fully covered. alas. - August 25, 2004 by mo h

The Best - I thought this would be another stupid plug in which will take over my internet conection but i am amazed it is fast reliable and easy to use with big database . Believe me a must have thanks Leo R you r da man - August 25, 2004 by Maher Korek

Awesome! - Loved it...this plugin works great. Found everything I tried, and was fast, too. Keep it up! - August 24, 2004 by James Dreal

Awesome! - Very easy to use and it works! Just need to get more songs to the database, but even with that, I still give it five stars. - August 24, 2004 by Arden Austria

No proxy server support - The plug-in looks good but, unfortunately, I cannot receive lyrics cause I\'m behind a proxy server on the internet. Perhaps an idea to the authors to build in support for this in the next version. - August 23, 2004 by Karl Ruhwagen

Very fast and accurate! - I think this plugin is the best one I ever seen! Very good!!! It finds most of the lyrics within a second for the songs in my playlist..! But im from sweden and some swedish songs just aren't there... But you can't have it all! Keep up the good work :) - August 23, 2004 by Freaky Ante

One of the best I have seen - It is fast at retrieving the lyrics. The only things I could think that would make it better would be if it could retrieve the CD Cover and that when you save it to you MP3 file that it would search for the lyrics there first and if found not to search the internet again. Other then that it is great. Keep up the great work and hope to see more plug-ins from you. - August 22, 2004 by Jesse Wilson