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LED Plugin At LPT Port

Simplest of its kind

Simplest of its kind

Attach few LEDs at Printer port and give your sound look large

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December 10, 2001 by Manish Tanwar14711 downloads

LED Plugin At LPT Port - Simplest of its kind

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Dancing LED lights

Connect LED lights thru your Printer port to create a dancing light show. I personally don't have any LED's so I couldn't really try it out. I couldn't get Winamp to notice the .dll file tho... hopefully things are different if you have LED hooked up to your computer. Contact the author if any bugs are encountered.


Can anybody please tell me form where can i get a LED USB PLUGIN?????? - November 17, 2009 by damianchan_coolguy

XP!!! - I Love this plugin.. woks like hell on win 98SE, but I cant get it to work on XP. can you please make a version that supports XP? - March 8, 2004 by Tarjei Hodneland

Besseres Tool - Nette Idee, aber es gibt jemanden, der sich viel mehr Muhe gegeben hat! Bis zu 32 Lichter a 2,5 kW Lichtorgel per Winamp!! - March 25, 2003 by David Kassen

:/ - It is not working on Windows based on NT (NT, 200, XP).... maybe it works on 9x, didn't try on 9x. - December 20, 2002 by Dimaz Idnahh

See Full Schematic - U can use schematic to build your own hardware that can attach to your LPT port. - December 17, 2001 by Manish Tanwar

I Got Bored - It's not a bad plug-in.... If u like to see little flashing lights u could always eat some shrooms.... LOL - December 14, 2001 by jon gourlay