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Kill Winamp v150

Winamp/Computer Timer

Winamp/Computer Timer

Kill Winamp v1.50 is a Winamp/computer timer. Either stops or closes Winamp or turns your computer off after a certain number of minutes or songs played. Freeware.

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November 28, 2001 by Johan Torp24299 downloads

Kill Winamp v150 - Winamp/Computer Timer

Staff review

Handy plug-in

Timer app that allows you to stop Winamp, kill Winamp, or turn off your computer at end of specified time. Also allows you to operate on number of songs remaining instead of time.


Good - Niiiiiiceee one... good too use when other using the main com. and listing music and then make an unexected turnoff of the com. - November 7, 2004 by Tobby Zendr

The best! - This is surely the best sleep/timer I've ever seen. It doesn't turn off the computer (as almost timer) but it can stop or close winamp (that's really better!) and it can "remind" what song were playng before it stopped. It has everything you need, simply the best! - September 2, 2003 by Death God

Woo hoo! - Absolutly excellent. The best sleep timer I've seen yet. - March 2, 2002 by Red Wolf

No complaints - It does what it claims to do with no fuss. The "limit songs" function is handy. - December 11, 2001 by henry o'riley