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Keys wma tag displaying adapter

wma tag editor

wma tag editor

it is a wma tag editor compatible with winamp, i don`t created them, but i found them on the web. I want to upload on winamp with the hope of winamp used them on next version, when they reformed them. The plugin works doesn`t work with media library only with playlist. The plugin is japanese. I?m Argentinian, and don?t know much english so sorry if i don?t write fine.

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March 11, 2004 by Adrian Marchetti51900 downloads

Keys wma tag displaying adapter - wma tag editor

Staff review

Tag Editor plugin. Note: installs in Japanese.

This installs ok (Winamp Input plugin directory); I don't know Japanese so I couldn't properly test it tho. It would be nice to get a multi-language version going.


Not good - There are strange Stripes, I don't like it! - April 16, 2005 by Per_Ole Heidorn

good - i can read japanese it pretty good program, i have seen better but still good program easy to use - December 12, 2004 by Hawkeyefile _