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KeyControl v1-02

Extremely versatile hotkey plug-in for Winamp

Extremely versatile hotkey plug-in for Winamp

KeyControl is an extremely configurable plugin that makes it possible to access Winamp through system-wide shortcuts. Even though it was first released in 2001, its ability to create shortcuts using the standard ALT-CTRL-SHIFT as well as the WIN-key remains unsurpassed.

Not only that, but you can combine these modifiers with the SCROLL WHEEL and/or the MOUSE BUTTONS of your computer mouse. Something not found in ANY other hotkey plugins, including the default one currently bundled in Winamp.

Give it a try today! Visit for the latest updates.

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October 20, 2006 by Paul Mah24547 downloads

KeyControl v1-02 - Extremely versatile hotkey plug-in for Winamp

Staff review

Handy hotkey plug-in

This allows you to configure hotkeys for Winamp's functions with pretty much all the actions you need hotkeys for being provided. As an alternative to the native Winamp hotkeys plugin then this is worth a try if you're looking for an alternative.


Simply perfect. - November 6, 2009 by pzcolo

Excelent!!!! - With this software I could setup my keyboard to handle Winamp just with my new keyboard Benq I100 - November 24, 2007 by Carlos Caceres

Latest Version - Hi, you can get the latest version from this link instead: Regards, Paul Mah. - November 15, 2006 by Paul Mah