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Allows you to control Winamp 2.xx through Hotkeys

Allows you to control Winamp 2.xx through Hotkeys

KeyAmp allows you to control your Winamp 2.xx through Hotkeys. The programm is written in Visual Vasic, program language is german. If the request for this program is high enough, i'll translate it into English. KeyAmp is an external program. if it doesn't run on your machine, download the visual basic runtimes 6.0 (from Microsoft). Forgive me my bad English :P

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December 1, 2003 by Moritz Kammerer11564 downloads

KeyAmp - Allows you to control Winamp 2.xx through Hotkeys

Staff review

Hotkey App for Winamp - Written in German

Seems to be a fairly decent hotkey app to control Winamp (a little hard to tell since it's written in German). There are definitely more complete hotkey apps/plugs out there, but, this one seems to cover most of the main functions. You can't customize your own key combos either.


Erm... The idea is cool? - Idea is very cool.. just what i was lookin for. The progam runs... I can adjust.. but it doesn't work :'( - January 4, 2005 by Otto vanZanten

only main keys - The options are: start Winamp previous track play pause stop next open file inc volume dec volume close winamp hide/show keyamp close keyamp Any hotkey combination (Shift, Ctrl,Alt,Win & F1..F12 or any key) can be defined but no other options. - January 14, 2004 by PeerAxel Kroeske