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Display and edit lyrics for your favourite songs.

Display and edit lyrics for your favourite songs.

Text highlighting, page scrolling, jump to text,and easy to use editor available at configuration screen

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April 6, 2001 by Sebastian Gil90881 downloads

Karaoke - Display and edit lyrics for your favourite songs.

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Karaoke for Winamp

Allows for text highlighting, page scrolling, etc. for your lyric files. Useful for aspiring karaoke champions.


Very good - Its a cool plugin But it displays a whole line at a time. there isn't any plugin which displays lyrics word by word somthing like what PP has done in his Midi pLugin ? - October 11, 2003 by prashant keshvani

No installer - Sorry, but just putting a dll in an sfx zip file isn't good enough. - September 16, 2003 by Jonathan Wooldridge

Lyric player - CDG is pretty much a low-bandwidth streaming graphics format (think early 80s computer like the Vic-20 or Spectrum - low res "chunky" graphics in a limited pallette). Its only claim to fame is that there is a dedicated CD Rom burning format for it, used by "professional" video karaoke machines; these days, they are more likely to be music videos on DVD overlain with the words (interestingly, the CDG format includes a transparency setting so you can play the stream over the top of some video feed. Another common format is KAR - midi files with embedded lyrics - and MP3 has the lyric3 format (where words are actually embedded into the mp3 file). This is a much simpler solution - rather than having the lyrics embedded into the file, they are stored in an external text file (so you can create lyrics files to match your existing music without having to edit that music) That said, matching seems to be at the line level, rather than the word.... hence the low rating compared to some other similar text lyric plugins available here. - March 26, 2003 by Dave Howe

Words of critic always wanted - Sorry, I don't know CDG Karaoke. I usually listen something like punk rock and heavy metal and I don't think, there's something faster. I also didn't notice anything like missing a line. You have probably output priority set to high or more. But you have right. I think that the better way for plugin like Karaoke is make a use from visualisation plugin abilities. I don't know if you notice that, but Karaoke has automatic size adjustment, so I don't think it's a problem. And if we're talking about fonts and color customization.... Well, I've heard about it, already ;) But it's true :) Be more advanced ? :)))) Don't be so confident. No. Definitelly no AVS for background. It should be clear and not abuse the eyes. You know, one wants something small and functional, other something like fountain. It's your choice. If you want another AVS, download one. Anyway, thanks for your opinion. - April 9, 2001 by Sebastian Gil

A great start! - Not as advanced as CDG karaoke discs. It will highlight the whole line at once. Also, it uses the time to know when to highlight the words, but only is able to track it in one second increments, so in fast songs it will miss half the line before it highlights the current part to sing. NOT BAD, though. Maybe a way to adjust the size of the window, allow the fonts and colors to be customized, and when you're ready to be more advanced... AVS-style or AVS compatible background images behind the text. - April 8, 2001 by Christopher Herff