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Joystick Control Plug-in

Allows you to control Winamp via Joystick

Allows you to control Winamp via Joystick

This plug-in lets you control Winamp via Joystick. The following functions are configurable: Play, pause, stop, next, previous, volume up, volume down, seek forward 5s, seek backward 5s, forward 10 tracks, backward 10 tracks

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December 15, 1999 by Justin Frankel45887 downloads

Joystick Control Plug-in - Allows you to control Winamp via Joystick

Staff review

Not just for video game theme songs

When I was on the road with the Beastie Boys Mario C had a joystick that he'd use to send the sound around the arena to four speakers wired up in quad sound. This doesn't do that, and it's actually far more useful. Try it.


Does what it says - You don't need a manual for thisone. If you just want to be able to simply skip songs, change the volume this plugin does it all, both for joysticks and gamepads. Works perfectly with my simple 4-button gamepad. Now I can just hit the big red button whenever I don't like a song! :D - April 3, 2007 by Matthias vdHeide

Great Working Plugin - This plugin worked great for my AxisPad Gamepad, Only i suggest to the to author to make one just for gamepads to take full control of the unused buttons. - July 29, 2004 by Jake Garcia

Good job! - Good job, well done Justin! Works perfectly with my AxisPadFX Gamepad. This joystick plugin is actually staying on my harddrive. - February 2, 2004 by The Craft

some good schmidt. - been using this for literally years and it works like a charm. simple and easy (except I can't notice anything with the "joystick sensitivity" ... of course, I'm using a gamepad) - August 1, 2003 by Josh Kostelecky

download this one! - i've been using this plugin for over 2 years and it is by far the best one out of the 3 to choose from. it is very stable, and has caused no problems w/ any game i've tried, unless of course it uses the gamepad. i just emailed the author to ask him to add the ability to control the "shuffle" button. - July 2, 2003 by jason hill

It works very well with a Gamepad - This plugin works very well. It also works when winamp is minimized. - October 11, 2001 by Felix Hohmann

No frills, but it definitely works - The good thing about this is is that it works flawlessly. The negative? It doesn't do much. Standard axes and four buttons. - July 21, 2001 by Michael Nguyen

hmm - :) - June 9, 2001 by juan godoy

Works Well, Especially with a Joypad - This plugin is a good idea, and a very easy way of having a remote by using an infared joypad instead of a joystick. - May 29, 2001 by Tim Scarth

hy - can you please program a tool for lpt or com ? - April 30, 2001 by toxic tower

A Joy for winamp control - I love this plug-in! Finaly I can control what winamp does inside games! Since some game will not let you Alt-tab to windows (Everquest :)) I could't control what music it was playing. Now with this plug-in I can do anything I want while still playing my games. Thanks Justin for this great plug in! - March 30, 2001 by Drallcome anime otaku