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Joseph DkE Lyrics plugin 3.0M

Lyrics viewer/editor/browser for music lovers.

Lyrics viewer/editor/browser for music lovers.

With a simple key, you can add time tags to your lyrics and show in real time!Changes in this version:- Automatically find your lyrics over inet.- Compatible with Bento skins.enjoy.Joseph DkE.

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September 29, 2008 by JOSEPH DkE288563 downloads

Joseph DkE Lyrics plugin 3.0M - Lyrics viewer/editor/browser for music lovers.

Staff review

Easy to use

This lyrics plugin is exactly the right thing for those who want a lyrics view embedded in bento. It is easy to use and finds lyrics pretty well.


Does not find any lyrics. The developers website is no longer available - April 21, 2010 by [email protected]

Still has some bugs. At first it worked fine but then I had to re-install winamp because it crashed everytime I opened it. - January 19, 2010 by [email protected]

A great plugin, but in need of an update for Windows 7 and more recent operating systems. Of all the lyric plugins, this one is still the best. But really needs updated. Also, the websites it searches for lyrics many have since changed format or gone dormat. In any case, still worth the download. - January 6, 2010 by [email protected]

This would be a great plug-in (maybe?) if it actually found any lyrics :-( - December 3, 2009 by Chairstacker

No luck with windows 7 also. - November 21, 2009 by dan56965

Worked fantastic with Windows Vista, but it doesn´t work anymore with windows 7....It tells me that it´s scanning lyrics but it´s finding nothing. I think it should find lyrics from Linkin park, but it doesn´t. So i think somethings wrong under Windows 7 with that thingy. - November 1, 2009 by Radioo

Great, it works - with time tags - it works as visualisation plugin, so klick on the "v"- in winamp and choose it.First click on the Questenmark and read the short-keys! (this will save you a lot time)F4 - Find in Internet searches the lyrics based on the Artists and title of your mp3.Click "Next" till you got the right lyrics.Press F9 switch time tags mode.Play the song, and press "Insert"-Button.Save your work, and enjoy.I like this plugin - thanks - September 6, 2009 by kratermonster

Good, but... - This plug-in was able to find all but the most obscure lyrics through its searching functionality. On the downside, as soon as you load the edit lyrics screen for any reason (such as doing the more thorough search required for some lyrics) it eats up over 95% percent of the system resources. Winamp never crashed when I used it, but all other programs are unusable and it became impossible to close Winamp cleanly. This meant that my playlist and any other settings would revert back to the last time I was able to close Winamp properly.If the memory leaks could be sealed, this would the end all, be all for lyrics tools on Winamp. - August 27, 2009 by phrebh

Great plugin. Just one thing... - As some other reviewers have, I would also like to make a request for unicode support. Otherwise it works great. Best lyric plugin I've found - August 21, 2009 by lostinsound

Sweet - I like this plugin. I haven't used WinAmp in ages and decided to give it another go. This was the first plugin I tried and it was effortless to implement. My only issue is that if I try to add it as a file info component at the top of Big Bento, it won't adjust the width. It says the adjust won't apply with modern skins. This is unlikely to be enough to get me to change plugins but it does keep me from giving it a full 5 rating. 4.5 it is with a recommendation to everyone! - August 17, 2009 by magnificogiganticus

Not sure - Windows Media Player has a feature to embed synchronized lyrics into the song. It's manual, of course, but it does work. Why not just update Winamp to look for those embedded lyrics and show them. - July 28, 2009 by b17g65ve

Awesome - Works great, and it's nice and nestled into the visualization tab as a visualization. Get 3.0M. - July 21, 2009 by k3exige

personal setting - plugin is cool, but it doesn't save my personal configuration (text color, font, etc). when i restart winamp, the plugin returns to default setting...what's the problem?thanks for the help - May 8, 2009 by Nick DC

absolutely lovely - thanx for. - April 25, 2009 by Ivan Svoboda

No Unicode - It would be great if the plugin supported Unicode. - April 18, 2009 by Daniel Garcia

Great at first sight, but... - ...after some days I found out that this plugin was the reason to let winamp crash by playin certain mp3 files. After uninstalling this plugin I got rid of those problems. - March 22, 2009 by Thomas Proetzsch

AwEsOm OMG - I think personally this is the best plugin i ever found My g/f is Slovak and its helping her lern english and saving her time looking lyrics on the even works on the weirdest of songs .....Thanks to the maker ...this plugin is great for any one who likes to sing along |P - March 16, 2009 by Darren Woods

great idea, but... - how exactly does this work? I mean the time tags... I got to the editor window {F9), but how do I add the time tags while playing the song? - February 15, 2009 by Oliver Gaspar

works great! i love it! - at first it didn't work, so i restarted winamp and tried to start the plugin (from visualization) without any music playing. that did it. i love that it seeks for lyrics automatically, and you have the option to save and/or edit the lyrics. i also love that i don't need a separate window to view the lyrics. i just love this plug-in! - February 3, 2009 by q anonymous

No unicode support - winamp supports unicode.this plugin doesn't support unicode. other than that it works flawlessly. - December 27, 2008 by T Mrym

Great Bento Integration, Spotty Accuracy - The best part about this plugin has to be the relatively seamless Bento integration. I've been using the "Lyrics Plugin" plugin for a while now and although it is almost 100% accurate, the separate window is annoying. I wish there was a way to use whatever repository "Lyrics Plugin" uses for this one. That would make this absolutely perfect. - December 15, 2008 by Mike Legra

Completely unusable - The plugin constantly makes some fatal errors so that the whole system hangs dead, with the "reset-only" solution. Must die and sucks. The idea is good though. - December 14, 2008 by Wolff Hoffmann

Best of the bunch - I've tried quite a few of the lyrics viewers and found this the best so far. It would be nice to see it use an area other than the visualization tab (maybe it's own window?). Then a person could have a visualization PLUS a lyrics window. But beggars can't be choosers and this is much better than some of the shareware plugins. Thanks for a very worthwhile plugin! - December 4, 2008 by Barry Myers

:( - I don't understand how to use this :( Can somebody tell me:? - November 11, 2008 by evi4ka evi4ka

The best - This is the best lyrics plugin. Works better than the previous version and search the lyrics in internet too. Symply the best. - November 9, 2008 by Helder Lima

good idea - thank 4 all - October 21, 2008 by haeruddin hamid

Thanks for program, and... - Hi! Thanks for good plug-in! Could you do supported full-screen mode? - October 16, 2008 by Roman Evorios

I like it! - I just downloaded the plug-in, but it seems to be really good, exactly what I was looking for!! - October 15, 2008 by Ivan Herrera

I've emailed the author - Same problems here with the Visual C++ error messages. I suspect it's a compatibility problem with the new version of Winamp, as the older v2 used to work perfectly. Now both versions 2 & 3 cause the same error messages.I've emailed the author about a resolution. Hopefully it'll get fixed, as this is probably the best plugin available for this purpose. - October 11, 2008 by Terry Korensek

Its the plugin that I want but... - Yeah!! I like the plugin. Simplicity and integration with bento skin rocks. But If only works for me. I have this error and then winamp crashes...Please fix it, because this plugin is really I need..Thanks in advance ;) - September 30, 2008 by ozzy kozzzy

Been looking for it! - It's EXACTLY what i needed.A lyrics Plug-In running in Visualization window, internet auto-search and customizable interface.The only problem is that it crashes randomly on Winamp 5.541If this can be fixed then it's truly awesome! - September 29, 2008 by Rick Hunter