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Jammix Enhancer 031

Why I'm making this stuff???

Why I'm making this stuff???

A short description: dynamic bass boosting with a lot of tweaking possibility, 3D and prologic surround, reverb, adjustable boosting (auto volume and compression) and noise reduction (to remove some hiss).
Included some presets to help you to find the best settings for your sound system.
I do not really recommend those who have already an enhanced sound system (like most of the 5.1-s).
Some minor changes has been made in this version.

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June 7, 2006 by Danilics Tibor483757 downloads

Jammix Enhancer 031 - Why I'm making this stuff???

Staff review

High quality DSP

Simple to use yet it's really effective and configurable whether you're into slight or full on tweaking of your listening experience.

Solidly put together and works really well. Also if you've experienced issues with this in the past with newer versions of Winamp, then this is the version you will need! Only quirk is that the preset selection doesn't seem to hold it's state correctly when selected otherwise spot on.


One of the best...along with enhancer. - March 5, 2010 by [email protected]

For those who want to use this plug-in with higher DPI settings in VISTA, while In the Custom DPI settings box make sure you uncheck the option "Use Windows XP style DPI scaling" Now that error message should no longer appear =) - November 10, 2009 by wiilsmith

you rock dude!!!!And big time at that.....To club effects of DFX,Enhancer,Sound solution and compressor in one plugin that to for free is really astounding!!! - October 23, 2009 by sr.saurab

Kick'in UpSome Deadly Sounds - This is a GREAT Program.I am a serious Hobby Musician,I have a HUGE Pro-Collection of Music Gear & I dont use computer speakers,I have a huge size PA's W/Stands & it is hard to get all sorts of bass types sounds on a PA.W/This program,its like I can make my PA sound anything from a real HUGE Concert Stage sound to I clear kick butt clear loud sound for certains types of styles like the Hair Bands to Goth to Black Metal, some have deep drum bass beats & I LOVE hard core BassDrum Beats,makes me want to KICK UP the Cabs & Heads to 11 and kick on my guitars or drums and hit it real hard. THIS IS A MUST HAVE for any type of speakers, even very HUGE speakers/PA cabs. Thanks Jammix E.031 for makein' a GREAT PROGRAM. This is the BEST!!!!!!!DVon. - October 11, 2009 by DVonDraculEmpire TheBloodMarines

Bass Bost + Headphones = Hmmm? - I first downloaded this plugin because I use headphones when I listen to music and was looking for a good decent dsp plugin. This one caught my eye because of the bass boost and presets. After I installed the plugin I noticed there was a FM station preset. OMG I listen to Shoutcast ALLL the time!!I tried it out and I was sold, 5 star, Love the minimize to system tray feature too. Great plugin, Thank You!!!! - December 8, 2008 by M Z

96 dpi Solution - When JammiX gives the error message: "Can not show window correctly with the current DPI settings... Change it back to the default setting(96dpi)!" it won't run. After a long search I found it: it's not a setting in WinAmp but in Windows: the general font-size for the monitor/screen. Solution: right-click on empty spot on the desktop. Choose last option: Properties. Click on the tab: Settings (probably the right-most tab), click on button: Advanced... In the new window you can change the font-size to normal (96 dpi). - December 5, 2008 by Eelco H

Extraordinrio!!! - Esse Plugin simplesmente extraordinrio! Fantstico!Muito obrigado, mesmo!Roberio Matos - October 16, 2008 by Roberio Matos

in xp rocked but in vista mm - i upgraded to windows vista ultimate and jammix enhanbcer keeps crashing plz update this download to work with vista ok laters - September 14, 2008 by EDUARDO GRAJEDA

Nice! - This really does enhance the sound. I have tried so many plugins that, after a while I decided to get rid of them all and just use the good old equaliser in winamp.Then I saw someone talking about this so thought I would give it a go and it really is brilliant.Download this now! - August 12, 2008 by Paul geaf

Plug-in paling OK - when i use enhancer 017 i think i will not change the plug-in anymore. but when i found this one.... wow... the sounds is very good with my altec speaker. - July 30, 2008 by klase klase

great - better than dfx - July 15, 2008 by soon peng

its different because its free - wow most plugins of this quality cost money this is the best by far making my headset sound like a subwoofer - May 13, 2008 by Apache ga

Best free DSP ever - I use this little DSP for 3 years now, and never found another one that sounds better. Some glitches appeared when I overloaded some effects on latest version (0.31), but reducing the effects amplitude worked again fine. Overall is a great job Danilics!!!I still wait for a improved version and some fine tunning presets, but... they never appear. Can you please do that? - May 2, 2008 by mihai m

Explanation of Jammix's sliders - Since so many people like this DSP, I thought it might be a good idea to explain what all the sliders do, for those who aren't sure:Lowpass: The lowpass/highpass filters are very important controls. There are two lowpass filters, one for bass input and one for bass. Basically a lowpass filter will let through low frequency signals but will reduce frequencies higher than the cutoff signal. This means that the further to the right you put the slider the more bassy the sound becomes.Highpass: There are three highpass filters, one for bass input, one for bass and one for (music) input. A highpass filter does the opposite of a lowpass, it lets through all the frequencies higher than the cutoff but reduces those lower than the cutoff. So if for example your highpass is set at >162 Hz, it will reduce all frequencies lower than 162 Hz and pass all those higher than this. Put simply, it means that the further left your highpass sliders are set, the more bassy your sound will become. The further right, the less bassy your sound becomes and treble will be enhanced.Input filters resonancy: This just increases or decreases the amount of resonance or feedback applied to the above mentioned filters. Moving this slider around probably won't cause too much of a noticeable effect, but sliding it further rightwards might give your sound a slightly fuller feel to it, but beware, it also increases the potential for distortion.Bass AGC depth - AGCs feed back an average output level signal to adjust the gain to an appropriate level for a range of input signals. This slider controls the depth of the bass AGC. What does this mean? Not a whole lot. Moving this slider to the right might decrease the chance of distortion and level out your bass.Bass Separation - Moving this slider to the right will increase the stereo level of your bass. It may enhance your audio somewhat, making it slightly spacier sounding. But as bass signals are traditionally mono-oriented this probably won't have a whole lot of effect on your sound.Phat Effect - Sliding this to the right will reduce any bass distortion you're experiencing and also make your bass sound fuller, ie, more 'phat'.Bass compression - Moving this to the right will compress the bass signal. Ie, it will level out any sudden really loud bass sounds and reduce distortion.Bass ouput - How much bass you're pumping through your system.Noise limiter - limits the signal to an arbitrary maximum. Stops distortion from stuffing up your sound.Wide (3D) - An old school audio effect found on many boomboxes of the past. Widens the stereo signal and makes the music sound more spacious.Prologic Surround - Similar to Wide but not as intense.Treble - Increases the volume of high frequencies. Gives the sound increased clarity and definitionTreble range - controls the upper limit of the treble output slider. So, if this is set at say, >15750 Hz, changing the Treble slider will enhance frequencies above this but not below this. The further right you slide this, the more definition you will get when you change the Treble slider. Kinda similar to the hi-pass filter.Reverb- Sliding this to the right will give the impression that you are in a large space, like a cathedral or a big cave.Room Size - Sliding this to the right will make the reverb's virtual space larger, ie, the further right this is set, the bigger the imaginary cathedral or cave.Damp - Controls how thick the "walls" of the virtual cathedral or cave are so to speak. The further right this is set, the less intense the effect of the reverb. Like it's coming through water. The further left the more tinny the sound, it sounds like it's coming through PVC pipes.Room length - How long, in feet or metres, the virtual room space is.Compression - Similar to limiter, this will compress loud audio signals and even out the sound so you don't get any sudden loud shocks. It also raises the volume of soft music. Good for boosting very quiet recordings or evening out music which gets loud and soft and loud (like classical music for instance), if you don't mind this kind of thing. it's also great for MP3s as many MP3s are recorded from different sources at wildly variable levels. It will make all your MP3s have the same volume.Compression speed - The further right this is set, the quicker the compression will kick in. Most people wouldn't notice much of a difference moving this slider around.Output: How much volume gets pumped through your system.[Bass + Music] Boost: Like it says it boosts the bass + music settings you have applied. Has the potential to blow up speakers so be careful! - April 25, 2008 by James Boag

Awesome!!! - This is simply THE BEST DSP plug-in I've ever come across. I've tried heaps of different DSPs, I even paid $20 for the crappy SRS Sandbox for WMP. But this is the answer to my dreams. I can get absolutely perfect sounding music from this. Brilliant bass, ultra-high defintion. Fully configurable, once you have this DSP I swear you'll never look back. Thanks for making this! - April 25, 2008 by Daniel Zielwolf

Very nice plug-in - This a very cool plug-in. You have control of so many parameters. The slides actually do something. Changes the music and bass dramatically. I would recommend everyone add this plug-in to their Winamp. - April 16, 2008 by Donald Thomas

Thought I would try something new - I LOVE IT!!! I downloaded it and think it's one of the best plugins for sound enhancement out there but, when I downloaded the new presets, my old presets that took me a long time to tweak just vanished. When I get it back to the way I had before(close at least) it won't save. I have to adjust it every single time and it's getting annoying because I love this plugin and don't want to delete it. I had it done to where the music sound almost like you were there live(especially if it was accoustic or recorded live) Anyway, I have saved a wordpad version of the presets if anyone wants to copy them just let me know. - April 12, 2008 by Robert Hallum

awesome - this is a freakin awesome plug in!! looked a bit complicated to me at the beginning but it isnt - this plug-in really fukkin rocks - January 11, 2008 by whoa yea

Awesome, mindblowing, too much! - This is an awesome and mind blowing plugin! Just too good! Although seems a bit complicate to use initially but, with some presets (available as a separate download. search for "Jammix" plugins) things really get cool!!! The BASS effect is soooooooooooo cooool that I have stopped using all other players. I now view/hear all songs and videos in Winamp, with Jammin ON! (Use the SuperDeep rocks with good quality earphones!!)Mandar ShivarekarUSC, Los Angeles. - January 11, 2008 by Mandar Shivarekar

Not for people with high resolutions - If your DPI is higher than 96, this plugin cannot display the configuration and crashes. - December 23, 2007 by Mark Wagie

Blown Away - This is an awesome, very powerful DFX plug-in. Good idea to take some time to actually figure out what the sliders do - eg setting bass hi-passes to over 200 Hz and lo-passes to below 40 hz with no limiting may well blow up your subwoofer if it's a small one and you've turned things up very loud.Very configurable and extremely hi-fi sound with this plug-in make it a winner all the way. - December 14, 2007 by Daniel Rueben

A Powerful Professional tool. Must Have. - I've played around with a few DSP/Effect plugins, and most only enhance certain areas of music. Some enhance bass, while others enhance treble. Some offer wide stereo, but drop treble and bass altogether. Jammix Enhancer gives you full control, allowing multiple aspects of every minute detail of your favorite songs. A whole page on just bass allows you to get the bass effects you want. The music page allows you to make changes to the other areas of music, in some ways no other DSP allows, such as multiple widening techniques. - December 11, 2007 by James Landrum

FUCKIN AWESOME - THE best enhancer BY FAR.Allows you to adjust just about everything.Get the preset plug-in too. - November 27, 2007 by exist now

Doesn't Work - Tried to use but wouldn't work. I guess it does not work on Winamp 5.5. - October 25, 2007 by vic cala

Superb - The Output sound more solid. Plugin work very smooth, very well programed. - October 2, 2007 by Jackee Chan

Help! - am using a vista Home edition. Installed the plug in, but it didnt appear! Went to DPS section ,Jammix is not in [email protected] - July 22, 2007 by eric boon

WOWWWW... - This is really great..I've got a big party in my room..LIKE A DISCO BAR..Thanks to you Danilics Tibor you done a good job..To All..Mixed "Jammix Enhancer & XEQ" its really nice sounds.. - July 16, 2007 by Rico Toledo

Nice featureset...but retarded coding... - I guess the feature set is fine and seems to do, well, something. Not anything exceptional really. butt not bad at all.This thing about requiring a change of my display's DPI setting is completely retarded. I am not chaning my the basis for my ENTIRE SYSTEM for a freaking Winamp plugin...come on are you a developer or a mouse? Fix that short coming and have a nice piece of software.Until that is changed it's a 3.5 star add on at best. - June 14, 2007 by breck lundin

Fantastic - This is a REAL BLAST UP Plugin ; It enforces you Sound to a great clear OUTPOUT.I Like it:And give 5 Star's.Thank You. - May 19, 2007 by Roger Jakobs

Thumbs Up - A very good system didnt hick up...very good... Itaas Mo Padi - April 20, 2007 by Sheildon Go

Ahum - Installed the pluggin but wouldn't open to configure due to my DPI settings! First time I saw such a message. It even asked me to change DPI settings... Any clue?? - April 7, 2007 by Alex Alex

amazing - This is awsome! Much much better then DFX! Congrats! - March 27, 2007 by matej st

Almost TOO Powerful - Nice Design and Implementation. Default settings are too much for most computer speakers. The bass was set so high that I had to take my 2.1 combo back and exchange it under warranty! My Headphones suffered the same fate while experimenting with the presets. This is a VERY POWERFUL plug-in. Keep your volume down lower than usual until you understand what each slider does. This reminds me of the $1000 preamp bass EQ's that I used to install in Car stereos for competitions, before everything went digital. Lots of options to explore. - March 26, 2007 by ShellshocK -

Nice piece of software! - After about an hour and a half of careful tweaking, I've come to really appreciate this software. More than just a volume and treble control. it really adds depth and imaging at every frequency range. I like the way one control "compliments" another. I have some old, (but good) klipsche 5.2 and 2.2 surround speakers. I"ve tried different software products to see if I could better the sound. (never could...that's why I luv my klipsche) until now! this software developer apparently has done his/her homework! GREAT...GREAT JOB!!! i INTEND ON MENTIONING THIS PRODUCT TO MY FRIENDS!...A+ - March 17, 2007 by Greg Campbell

Jammix is best of the best - hi! there this plugin is extremely well programmed. the author seems to be a dynamic programmer. May Allah give him more sTrength. - March 7, 2007 by Shoaib Yousaf

jammix - this plugin is awesome. i used enhancer 017 at first but this a lot better. i like the preset 3d studio. it has good bass to it. - February 24, 2007 by phil boyd

To Martin Christen - I would like to know how i can make this awesome dsp to work with BSplayer too! Martin Christen can you tell me, please?! Thank you! About the Jammix - no comment! It's a must to have it! Download it, install it and call glazier to order new window-glasses! - February 5, 2007 by todd teger

It is the one! - I'm using this enhancer from a long time I can say i'm going to use it, because I haven't found better than it! My searching is over! All I want now is Danilics Tibor to spend some time to make it even better! What I've noticed is that it's not always comming to front when you click on it (kind of anoying thing). The other thing I really want is to be able to choose skins for it, so I can customize it like my current winamp is! There are things that can be made with the look at all (like the space between buttons can be less, so all of it becomes smaller). Navigation between 'music', 'bass' and the others sometimes is confusing. Enough with the criticism! Again - this is the BEST plug-in for Winamp i know! Watch out, it can blow up your speakers!:) - January 21, 2007 by todd teger

Answer - I already postet...I repeat: very verygood.Rocks my home :) @ stormblast aaaaaa I 'll give you a little advice.If you want to apply the "Jammix"'s effect to a song it will be not the original song any more and if you bye or get anyway,another soundsystem the song will sound very bad if the effect does not fit the new system.Of course it's your own choice. I don't think Danilics has a lot of free time to want a converter from him and for free.I think it's not so easy to do something like this.In fact it will be so much faster to select from WinAmp's preferences (ctrl+P) as output device (under plug-ins) the "Nullsoft Disk Writer Plugin" so the song will not go to your soundcard => you will NOT be able to listen but it will be recorded on the HDD with the effect of the "Jammix" in the selected format(there is not mp3 in the list but if you have it in wave you can convert it later).The default folder where files are saved is c:/ When I select this output(the disk writer) my PC really slows down and winamp goes on frames so be careful what exactly you are doing.I recommend to have only one song in the playlist and repeat must be off so you'll have no trouble.The song is converted with the effect faster than the original time of the song.I mean that if the song is 4 minutes it will be converted in,for example 15 seconds (depends on PC speed). That's from me.Good luck and Jammix ONWz - January 8, 2007 by Nikolay Kirilov

HOLY JESUS - MEGA PARTY ON MY ROOM BABEH =D - December 30, 2006 by Diogenes Lima

please make a converter - your plugin is awesome. could you please make a program to apply your enhancer to a song and automaticaly convert it to another mp3? right now I'm recording manually each song with nerowaveeditor, so I can take advantage of your enhancer in my car. could you please answer me? thanks [email protected] - December 22, 2006 by stormblast aaaaaa

The. Best. DSP Plugin. Ever. - OK, my turn to shower Danilics Tibor with his well-deserved shower of praise! As others have said, this kicks serious ass. What others have not said is that it's not limited to winamp! This is the DSP plugin I needed - and have been despairing to find - for my DivX video discs! Used in combination with BSPlayer, it really enhances the sound of the movie. And because Jammix does NOT modify the registry but rather stores its settings in a local file (the biggest gripe I had with Enhancer 0.17) I can FINALLY make truly self-contained CDs. No codecs. No player. No messing with system settings. Just pop in the CD and watch - with kickass sound! Now, where's that 10 page PDF user's manual explaining all the settings...? It's the only thing that's missing! FREEWARE RULES! - December 5, 2006 by Martin Christen

"Professional" ;-) - Hi, I'm Metal Ogom (from ITALY). The skin of this plugin is essential and professioanl as well. The audio that JammixEnh produce is great. I test it with my Home Entertainment LoudSpeakers (4xB&W Nautilus Prestige + 1xSW made by me 10Hz - 180Hz 136dB RMS 160SPL)...well....the sound is drammatically explosive, the bass are clear and deep, the level of quality is optimal. The plugin offer many controllers and seeker, all very powerfull. If you have a good speakers Download IT. Now I use Jammix everyday...Tanx Danilics Tibor (Excuse me for my junk english) - November 21, 2006 by Metal_Ogom Ogom

Help File - Not being a techie, I just experiment with the settings and hope for the best. However this does have a profound effect on the sound quality and makes my laptop sound like a top notch stereo system. Brilliant. I would like to understand more about the terminology used, is there any easy to understand technical literature available. For example: what does 'phatt' effect do, how does the compression and compression speed work etc etc. - November 17, 2006 by Richard Williams

ALSA-like! - I usually don't bother writing reviews, but this plugin is really worth having. A while ago I dabbled in Linux. Linux's ALSA (default sound architecture) can take the same physical MP3 from the same hard disk and run it through the same sound card and speakers and make it sound 10 times better than Windows. Nothing I've discovered has brought Windows up to ALSA's quality level for music output until Jammix. I'm impressed. - November 5, 2006 by venapp yahoo

Jammix Enhancer 031 - good DSP/Effect !!:P:P:P - October 25, 2006 by Grzegorz Elfik

Wow. Just wow. - Even with a pair of crappy arsed Sony earbuds, this thing manages to sound oooh-so-sweet. If I had my Sennheisers back, it would be pure heaven. - October 14, 2006 by Mack Robson

Awesome - This is great! I run it through my 5.1 system and it makes the music sound fantastic. - October 12, 2006 by Daniel Ruben

! WOW ! this DSP is unique !! - well as a background: I used audiostocker, SQR limiter and many others for volume adjusting of my songs.. I stayed with audiostocker. Then I tried DFX, and many other DSP enhancer but I ended disappointed. Now I found Jammix Enhancer and after reading the reviews I decided to try it. I'M REALLY IMPRESSED for such a piece of software !!!! it's a volume limiter / adjuster AND also a DSP enhancer that really works crystal clear !!! not like all the DSP Enhancer plug-ins that compared to this are CRAP !!! THANKS Danilics for this pleasant audio experience !!!! and THANKS for making it free !!! WOW - October 11, 2006 by Hector Barajas

Excellent DSP Plugin! - I've tried them all and this is the best, and it's free! This program goes beyond the equalizer and adds depth, space, length and more. My headphones have battery powered SRS surround sound, and this plugin blows away my battery powered SRS (meaning i shelled out $$ for a feature that i wont use anymore.) Also on my klipsch 3 speaker set, the sound of the bass is much, much. smoother and much deeper! The enhanced sound is nothing short of spectacular. Seriously, try this plugin. It kicks Ass!! - October 8, 2006 by Lars Rocha

SWEET !!!!!!!!!!!!!! - This plug-in is the best ever for winamp. I have be useing DeFX V0.97 for two months and I thought that was the best but I was wrong. Jammix Enhancer 031 is the best over all. It makes the bass stand out in my Logitech Z3 24 watt subwoofer. Thats sweet !!!!!!!! tnx for it. Eric - October 2, 2006 by eric zells

Best Enhancer available for winamp! - This one is awesome! I just love it! Very pleasing performance for low bitrate music as well as standard 128kbps MP3s. I love the preset "Super sound for small speakers". But it crashes if u use modern skin or classical skin with spectrum analyser on! I hope this will be fixed shortly in the future! Anyway, thanks for such a wonderful plugin! - September 30, 2006 by ceratonin ex

Like a slap in the face. - BAM! - September 23, 2006 by Tom Welch

good! - really good works awesome with my logitech x530 speakers! sounds like im in a club its amazing! def an A++++ and better than DFX - September 19, 2006 by cristian bueti

Jammix - This Programm is bmuch better than DFX and its FREE i love it! Is it also in german available? - September 17, 2006 by Jan Jacob

Bargain - Superb for making the best out of your setup whatever it is. Good range of presets too. Love it - September 16, 2006 by Marcus Wilkinson

JAMMIX ENHANCER O31 - Really like it best , of all the plug-ins... - September 14, 2006 by errol edwards

Must Have - What a great Enhancer! I was looking to add an external sound card to my laptop, but this has improved my sound quality to the point that I\'m not going to bother. Just amazing. - September 9, 2006 by Tom Frankowski

Superb! - I have tried enhancer and dfx but this one is superb and pleasant to listen. I can also make adjustments to tailor-fit my listening taste. Its presets are wonderfully accurate and fits well with my logitech 5.1 speaker system, I wish I had no neighbor to test it in higher volume to detect distortion. Even, much thanks for this lovely dsp. God bless you for making it free!!!! - August 25, 2006 by Archimedes Lachica

Superb!! - Again. Superb. My Logitech 5500's have life and warmth. WOW! - August 19, 2006 by Chris Kelly

Wonderful. - Now this is what an audio enhancer should be. It does everything that Izotope can do, but does it better. Not only does it do what Ozone does, but better, it has handy things like the "Clip" meter that tells if your audio is clipping. You have just as much studio control quailty, if not more, with this one great program than anything else out there. This plugin just beats Ozone in everything but looks. And even for eye candy, it almost gives Ozone a run for it's money. But the most important thing is that it does everything that full Ozone can do (without all of the fancy graphics that just makes you THINK that Izotope is better), and the best part of is that Jammix Enhancer is FREE. Not some greedy and utterly ridiculous 200 dollar pricetag for a simple audio enhancer... but FREE. Free, man. Free as a bird. No.. don't even LOOK at Ozone. Don't go downloading a crippled peice of crud like Ozone that admonishes you for touching anything except for a few poor sounding presets without paying out the ear for 200 dollars. And don't going paying 200 dollars just to have a simple plugin that does everything that Jammix Enhancer can do. Jammix Enhancer is the only audio enhancing plugin you'll EVER need. Let me put it this way.. if plug-in's were like girls, would you want a beautiful looking woman with a shallow and snotty, "high-and-mighty" personailty that tells you what you can do and what you can't, do and only want to be around you until your money runs out, even though she really has nothign to offer you that makes it worth it? ....or do you want to go out with the modest looking, cute, sweet girl that feels like an old freind, who you can laugh with and have a good time with, likes you for who you are, and can provide you with all of the happiness that the money other girl can, plus more? Of course. You'd want to stick with the sweet, nice girl you can feel comfortable with who dosn't need your money. If Jammix Enhancer was a girl, it would be the sweet girl who makes me happy (and who dosn't want me just for my money), whom I would marry. So, if youve come to this plug-in looking for an audio solution to enhancing your mp3 sound... Your search is done. - August 17, 2006 by Karma Satori

impressed - VERY NICE WORK!!!! - August 16, 2006 by turbo_zob Dolfar

Fantastic,Great,Excellent, The Best DSP EVER - I have used the enhancer 0.17 for a long time but I think I found the King of DSP plugins. I love all the controls because they work and are very effective. It woke up my 400 watt Logitech subwoofer and speakers. It rocks!! Excellent job by the Designer Danilics. Use this DSP and you won't reget it. You may need to be a little sound saavy but use the presets as a starting point and tailor the sound to your liking. I highly recommend and give it 10 stars even though you can only rate it five but that does not seem to be enough. - August 5, 2006 by Randy A

Need Auto-presets... - Love this plug-in. I thought nothing would replace enhancer 0.17. Only thing I would love to see added is auto-presets like how the main player allows us to set different presets for different songs, and automatically changes the preset when that particular song is played. - August 5, 2006 by amar k

Awesome - I am so glad that the dev has fixed the issue with the newer versionf of winamp. This is the best dsp out there at the moment. Beats popular and paid dsps like DFX easily. A big thumbs up from my side. - August 3, 2006 by Pallab De

ES EXCELENTE - Solo queria felicitar al creador de este plugin. Yo he probado con varuios plugin y este es el mejor de todos, la calidad de mi equipo de musica realmente muy buena gracias al jammix, y sigamos apostando por el freeware - August 3, 2006 by Ivan Tello

Jammix - Congratulations Dany, is the best plug-in..5 stars from me :D - August 1, 2006 by Marius Laurentiu

The best DSP ever - Jammix have been renewed, and it's still the best! I do *really* like the new apearance of Jammix, and I founded that it finally is working with winamp 5th series. 5 stars for you, thank you Danilics, mega-respect for such useful thing! oh wazzup with the ??? oh By the way, Microlab PRO2 rulezzz! - July 11, 2006 by Ivan Bezin

Oh, Yeah! - Seriously, as someone who's trained in sound production and radio, I am telling you to download this and use it. Yes, figuring it out takes awhile, but it's well worth the effort. - July 7, 2006 by Kevin Johnston

WAY awsum Bro.... - This is seriously the best plugin and player combo i have EVER used. it makes everything else seem like loosely built stuff. i mean seriously check the depth you'll be amazed makes my headset vibrate when its off me ears. more like having a 1000 w sub under yo backside. ;) brilliant bro. seriously. - July 2, 2006 by aditya rao

Mr - Jammix Enhancer 03 good job well done, people you need to give this a try. Take my word for it its one of the best. good luck people From Mr Crazy - July 1, 2006 by Crazy Lemon

The BEST plug-in ever! - It's the best plug-in I've ever seen, though it's very hard to configurate it. The sound is awesome on my Sven 2x18 watts. I would rate it with 10 stars! - July 1, 2006 by Artur Balan

Excelent!!! muy bueno - Muy completo y estable. EXCELENTE trabajo!!!! - June 28, 2006 by Andy Chango

The Homeless Plugin :) - I don't usually like winamp plugins. They usually take more away from the music then what they add ! But with this plugin ! :) it's is the fastest way to get ya self throw out of your aparment, and out of the neighborhood. The quality of this plugin should thoese have the law at your door in about (Knock! knock!Knock!) :\ Gotta go :P - June 25, 2006 by Curtis Coleman

Great DSP! - Too much of options ... need one week time to review! ;-) -- Raqueeb Hassan Bangladesh - June 21, 2006 by Raqueeb Hassan

Superb Plugin!!! - This is a very high quality DSP. Excellent work. Many thanks for having built such a superb plugin. Cts - June 21, 2006 by ctsnd c

Best DSP EVER! - You've done it! This version Jammix is absolutely awesome! Previous versions used to crash when wav, wma, or video files were loaded, or if you updated Winamp beyond a certain version. However, you've fixed this problem now, and you get five stars! This plugin enhances your music especially if you have a small 2.1 setup compared to the standard 2.0 setup. Suggestions? Perhaps a pitch shifter - nothing too complex, but it would be nice. Congratulations on the excellent DSP. - June 17, 2006 by Ryan Lissner

What ive been waiting for!! - Well this plug in, the first I have rated is really what I have been waiting for out of a DSP plug in, ive used winamp for years and just stuck to the usual EQ and thats it. I know it says not really recommended for big systems, but I run a 650 Watt 2.2 system, and ive found it to be a godsend. I love how you can actually change the Frequency of the sound, its brilliant. The only downside I can see on this is, if you dont have a clue about how sound works, then this wont suit you very well, I think its aimed at more of the technically minded people. 5 stars and 2 thumbs up from me. - June 17, 2006 by Richard Callon

All time hits.... - i have tested Jammix XBS 0.1 & Jammix Enhancer 0.23.But i didn't like the version 0.23.The nev version 03 is good in compare of older one.New features like Resonancy in bass control is realy efective and also new one Reverb.If u want to adjust only bass just turn music output to 0 will only hear bass like subwofer.Damp will only effect with Reverb.Well in short it is good.Oldest one (Jammix XBS 0.1)was very Simple to use.And at the last YES it is FREE....So Njoy - June 15, 2006 by Nilesh R

6 Stars - My Rating to Jammix Enhancer 03 is 6 Stars. Superb and excellent plugin. The work is highly appreciable. Ctsnd - June 15, 2006 by ctsnd c

wooooooooooow....5 StAr - just try it ..... u will forget all other plugins..thanx a.....lot Danilics...u have done gre8 job.New version is realy gre8.just download it and Njoy.......I give 5 star. - June 13, 2006 by Nilesh R

DPI:96 - The older version was so god, and I was so happy when I have seen this new one, but after the installation, it has gave me an error message about the dpi compatibilation problem, what i can repair in the general settings. I cannot find that menupoint. - June 13, 2006 by Barnabas Bozsik

I can't give you 10 Stars as 5 is the maximum!!! - Sir, I can't give you 10 stars as 5 is the maximum. Sorry...... Ctsnd - June 12, 2006 by ctsnd c

awesome!!!!!!!!!!! - this plugin is perfect the best of all!!!! - June 9, 2006 by wolf kuzawas

First touch? - Oh man I have forgotten how good is that plug-in.Yeah I've tried it on my friend's Creative 5.1 but sound was not good.On my stupid stereo made 30 years before....oh it goes toooo bad for my neighbours(I live in a house!).Just try it.Give it a chance then you will addict.I'm writing slow so I can test it some more and more.Sound is very very realistic.LIKE IT. :) - June 9, 2006 by Nikolay Kirilov

The best dsp plugin ! - The best ! - June 9, 2006 by Gyorgy Kis

The Best Dsp ! - You are a God ! Isten vagy, erre v?rtam m?r kb egy ?ve !!! - June 8, 2006 by Gyorgy Kis