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iZotope Vinyl

Vinyl record simulator. Lo-fi ecstasy from iZotope.

Vinyl record simulator. Lo-fi ecstasy from iZotope.

iZotope, Inc makes DSP software for professional recording engineers. Our
Vinyl DirectX plug-in lets them create that effect you've heard on
commercial songs of records playing on old phonographs. We got asked to make
a Winamp version of it. We didn't ask why. We just made it. Love the vinyl.
Feel the vinyl. Be the vinyl.

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September 25, 2001 by iZotope Inc1024515 downloads

iZotope Vinyl - Vinyl record simulator. Lo-fi ecstasy from iZotope.

Staff review

To all you wax fiends... this is for you

Wow...this is a slick dsp plug-in... basically, you can now experience the entire aural history of the vinyl medium thru the use of one nice, shiny and sexy interface. Seriously... there is even a 'year' knob that automatically filters your songs to what the quality of vinyl sounded like in that particular era. The sliders give you access to scratches, dust, warp, noise, etc.... so, you can properly pretend to wear your mp3's out like they were your parent's, or grandparent's even, record collection. Comes with some nifty presets...and as stated before, an ultra sexy interface. This basically rocks. Some of you digital kids or youngins of the CD era may see no point to it...but, for all you vinyl fans out there... you'll know what time it is. Also, this can come in very handy as a quick, real time filter for music producers. One suggestion... it would be nice to have the ability to save your own presets. -dg


funk virus - July 24, 2010 by [email protected]

I like it very goog - July 22, 2010 by [email protected]

Works great in win 98 & XP - Works great in win 98 & XP. Kills winamp in vista home premium. I've used it with winamp 2.8 thru 2.91. It works great. Dosen't work with the dsp stacker I've used. but otherwise works great on my XP machine. - April 5, 2008 by Alexander Farmer

gooooooood - Thanks for oportunity, I realy think that is a very good program - November 22, 2007 by Angel L. Morales

wonderful - it's cool - March 17, 2007 by izetergun ergun

Good, but Why? - It does exactly what it says, but why anyone would want to re-create the lousy-sounding scratchy, warped, and popping sounds of records is a mystery to me. I grew up with vinyl, but I certainly don't miss it, or want to re-create it, any more than I want to get zits again. - December 30, 2006 by Herb Stanley

cool plugin, nice effects - cool plugin nice effects. play around be astonished! - August 8, 2006 by exploding blister

Excellent - I didn't give it 5 stars just because of 2 major oversights: you can not save your carefully-planned presets and it turns the audio of internet streams into static, buzzing, and nasty distortion, even when turned off. The fact that those are the only two things wrong with it should tell you a lot. But it would be nice if they made it, somehow, integratable into a standard Winamp format, but that's hardly reasonable. Great plug in! I hope they release a new version with these minor corrections. - June 12, 2006 by Ernie Fernandez

It's classic vinyl for your PC! - I hear...dust. I hear...scratches. I hear...warping. it's like going home. If you didn't grow up during the Golden Age of Vinyl, just ignore this plug-in and move on. For the rest of us dinosaurs who don't mind a little snap, crackle and pop with our Emerson Lake and Palmer, this is great! I'm especially fond of the warpage feature. Although, a suggestion: you should be able to choose to turn that off as well. it appears that the Warp Level is perpetual. We had one or two albums like that in our collection...but not of them were that bad! I also wouldn't recommend use of this all the time. But if you're listening at work and want to piss off and confuse the younger workers around your cubicle, plug this in and crank it. They'll love you for it. Really. - May 23, 2006 by Tim Gainer


It really sounds authentic! - This plugin is great! It really sounds like an old record player! The last guy did not know what this plugin is for. It does not make your music sound better, and the readme even tells you that. - October 19, 2003 by Michael Heath

review here - - October 17, 2003 by mira mira

awesome - KIDS YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS> download it install it play with it.. and when you tried it hard enough... CLICK ON THE SCREWS IN THE CORNERS ONE BY ONE!!!!! it's hilarious. someone must've been really bored at izotope.. GRRRREAT JOB. - October 3, 2003 by Gabor Kiczenko

What the heck happened to my MP3's??? - Very cool :):):) - September 29, 2003 by Rafael Blanes

See what a DSP can do - This is really cool. It has a lot of presets that I didn't imagine. "Left On The Stove", "One Bad Scratch", ... - May 1, 2003 by K T

Not Good - It not good every day use. - April 29, 2003 by Darrell Clark

Wow! - Really well designed plug-in. A must for nostalgic people! - February 14, 2003 by JP Hebert

Bringing back the oldies. - Hahaha... Those guys who made this plug-in are very clever indeed! If quality is your highest priority, then don't use this plug-in! I had to admit that I am an addicted techno fan who cares about quality even more, but hey, what an interesting peculiar plug-in indeed. A great learning experience for those of you who are wondering how the classic vinyl records sound like back in the old days long before the invention of audio CDs. - February 4, 2003 by Marwan Mohd. Zahari

Good for laughs - This is FUNNY! Make your pristine, high-quality, digital music make it sound like it came out of a beaten-up phonograph. It sounds like a stupid thing to do, but it's good for a few laughs. Download it! - October 4, 2002 by Omion Yakyorty

Fun...VERY Fun - I'm having a blast with this plug-in! It's very cool and I am used to CD's, although I've heard records before, and I'm a teenager. I love this plug-in! - October 1, 2002 by Paula Ash

very good - very good and realistic vinyl dsp. - July 12, 2002 by ploppy plop

Good laugh - when i downloaded this i had a good laugh at the sound (in a good way) wacking on ur fave MP3 and hearing it as iff u just dug out a old steriogram from the attic. I dont know what Ronald Reagan's prob was tho. probably crap setup :) - June 26, 2002 by Ashley Pearn

Ya know... - I'm 13 and all, and it sounds cool. Now I know how old people listened to music back in their days...LOL - June 11, 2002 by Nick D

happy memories.... - all I can say is that this is great! those of you who remember vinyl (I do... just), get the MP3 of your favourite 45, stick this on top... it'll sound just like you remember, if not more so :) - June 11, 2002 by Andy McFarlae

Hi! - Hi there! It was one of the best plugin iv'e got download! I really recognize th old records when i use it! - March 22, 2002 by d s

It?s Great for Rememeber... - It?s Great for Rememeber...a tool very funny, but great to all the people how miss the old sound ?? - February 5, 2002 by Comandante Insurgente MaXeR

Cool Plaything - the front plate solve itself, if one clicks the four rivets - December 28, 2001 by Patrik Neunteufel

Calling all Vinyl fanatics - So many people are looking for the cleanest sound possible. There's a few of us that miss clicks and pops. This is the tool. iZotope does fine work. Easy to use. Good job. - December 8, 2001 by Joe Walsh

Love The Sound Of "Old School" - This Plug-In takes me back to my younger years of the 70's. I love it!! Keep up the Great Work!!! My father loves the old sound. Thanks - October 7, 2001 by Seneca Tarby

It sucks so much that it rocks!! - It makes Mp3's Sound so crap, but hey thats the whole point. I love the interface but please add a feature to allow users to make their own presets. by the way try it with The Chemical Brothers for an intersting sound!!! Also to all those ppl who give this preset 0 stars you don't know what you're talking about, this plugin Kicks Ass!! - September 20, 2001 by t e

I Like Vinyl - I like vinyl, i hope this sounds like vinyl, but thinking about it, all my vinyl does sound kinda crap. Oh well, vinyl is still the best, so its gets 5* for being associated with it. - August 24, 2001 by Sunday Morning Caller

Looks great - I don't know what to say now, because I am downloading it, but it looks great. - August 20, 2001 by Marius Dagys

i?m looking for sound not for nice looks - this is crap, really it makes sound uglier, and it looks cool because the dj style, don?t let that get you!, there are more cool dsp plugins out there!! - August 3, 2001 by Edmund Sterling

yeah - Nice now just a good scratsh simulator - July 31, 2001 by brecht Debruyne

Use it every day. - I love the sound of vynil! This is my favorite plug-in. - July 27, 2001 by Eder Alejandre

WOW - this addon is cool dont dis it, it sounds good when you do shoutcast radio to! - July 22, 2001 by Jonathan Howell

One of the best! - I must say that I love digital music. I love good quality. BUT! nothing goes up to putting on an old Louis Armstrong MP3, with the IZotope Vinyl on the 30's. I love the feeling. I listen to all my old tracks, both in Vinyl and in "original" verision, and both has pros and cons. But I gotta say, this is a great idea for all those out there who WANTS to hear some songs in Vinyl sometimes (I mean, I would NEVER download it if it had turn them to Vinyl permanently, but it doesnt). And for u guys who ONLY listen to modern music, just don't download it! I mean, this product is for a special audience. And being one of those I like it. If you are not a part af that group, you will probobly not like it. But I give it a 5! - July 19, 2001 by Tobias Lidman

Okay Tool For Oldies - For some of us (and older people) digital music is great. Ever so often it's cool to hear a song the way we remembered it, before compact disc players were available. Kinda nice to make a tune sound like a good ole 45. Gives a nice touch. Great touch to some of those old tunes. - July 10, 2001 by You Me

Nice Program; Bad idea - Flawless programming with no bugs, but the idea of denying the audio quality progress of the last 60 years is sort of a dumb idea. Great work though! - July 5, 2001 by Christopher Brown

Stupid idea - this is a very stupid idea. why would anyone wanna simulate vinyl? wanna go to homes without heat as well? just stupid. - July 3, 2001 by Michael Fiedeldey

Neat - Make your music sound like a record! - July 2, 2001 by Paul Maier

Black Frisbees - To the guy who calls LP's frisbees. Dude, next time know what you are talking about. What is your experience in this field anyway? This is a great plugin. Being an acoustics engineer, I will always prefer analog. Learn what you are talking about first. Bravos to the guy who wrote this plugin. - June 30, 2001 by Kenny Jones

very real - download this now! If you ever wondered what records sounded like, this is it. Its totally unbelievable how real it is. Not better, cause they have dust and scratches and warps. Its just cool how real this is. - June 24, 2001 by Sheila Scanlon

Beatles sound like Beatles - I miss the sound of the Beatles on an old record player like when I was growing up. Call me nostalgic, but there's something about hearing the dust and scratches on Sgt. Pepper that makes we want to hug iZotope. Thanks guys! - June 24, 2001 by Baris Kiyar

They're just Black Plastic Frisbee's! - Come on! Who ACTUALLY misses LP's? I found it kind of difficult to dink with, but that's not why I don't like it. I don't like it because it makes my songs sound like shit. - June 16, 2001 by bobby zander

This ROCKS! - This is the coolest plugin I have ever seen! Adds a depth and warmth to a lot of music that only vinyl can provide. I'll never listen to another Boney M or Abba MP3 without it ever again! - June 9, 2001 by Charlie Martens

We need more fun ones like this - I downloaded it. I listened to it. It sounds like an old record. Strange. An hour later, I was still wondering why I was playing around with it. Then I realized that was the most fun I've ever had with a plug-in. iZotope rocks. Thanks for a plug-in that's just fun. We need more of these and less of these plug-ins that claim to "revolutionize your listening with our patented blah blah wow bs". - June 6, 2001 by Tony Sander

SIMPLY AMAZING - This plug-in is wonderful. I understand that it makes your music sound lo-fi, but THAT'S THE POINT. This plugin has such increadible facility of use as well as stellar results... A must have for any fan of old music - makes the music sound as it should. Trust me, download it. - May 28, 2001 by Dirk Verbist

This is cool - I read some reviews and I don't know if people understand that this isn't an "enhancer". It's a special effect. Its supposed to make the sound worse, like a lo-fi album, and it does it really really good. If you DJ with Winamp, this is a really cool effect. But don't listen to all your music through it, or rate it low because "it makes the music sound worse". That's the whole point of it (!) and it's really good at it, I think. Or maybe I'm just an idiot...Oh well. - May 25, 2001 by Morris Singer

if you really want presets - then get the directx plugin version of izotope vinyl (at and the winamp directx plugin (get the newest version at, the older one here crashed for me in winamp 2.75) and let them fondle eachother. only downside is you can't close the gmixon window (or I'm dumb) but it will minimize with winamp. oh and this probably uses a lot more resources, but I wouldn't notice anyway on my spiffy system. happy fondling. - end communication - - May 22, 2001 by Matt Langley

Not too shabby - This is good for those who are still livin' in the 70's, but it would be a lot better if it didn't autoplay when u load Winamp. - May 22, 2001 by John Deering

But Why?? - Who would wanna do this to their sound? Civilization spend 100 yrs getting the noise out, and now we got something to put it back in? But Why??? Stupid concept - May 22, 2001 by fdfdsafdsfdsa dfsdfsfdsa

NO NO - this plug in is just sooo bad it just makes the music sound worse - May 20, 2001 by Raregold Hideaway

good job - use it or lose it - May 18, 2001 by larz puupponen

Not so good - I don't like vinyls... - May 17, 2001 by ferhat tugal

Hmmm - I wish this would actually let you scratch, ilke mix yourself.... - May 6, 2001 by Dr Blobbos

Just wonderful - This is great, something to play around with, and give you that nostalgic feeling. Jack: thanks for the Easter Egg - May 5, 2001 by Lim Wei QI

The Best Plug-In I had Ever Downloaded - I HAd to SaY, ThIs is the Best Plug-In i had ever Seen i did not Know how to Use it At first, But after i got the hang of it, I LOVE IT. i can control the way my song is Played. DOwnLoad It NOw, BEfore Its tO LaTE.......................... - May 5, 2001 by Dan THeman

Vinyl MP3 - this is a great plugin. it made my entire mp3 library sound just like my old lps. a must for all the audiophiles out there. - April 22, 2001 by Angel Baker

Let's do the time warp............again. - Wow, another must have Winamp plugin for all you true music lovers. Face it, vinyl is better than CD's for various reasons, and old music needs to sound old. My copy of the White Album sounds great on CD, but is missing the feeling of vinyl. Just select the year of the model of turntable you want to listen to it on (or select the year of the vinyl for a true trip) adjust the rest of the stuff, and listen to the noise. Now I can keep my White Album in almost-pristine contidion and still get most of the vinyl feeling (afterall, vinyl has that anlog feel digital loses during sampleing.) - April 19, 2001 by mark sanders

This one,you gotta laugh! - This is one plugin yeah but is quite a funny plugins because,the screws fall off once you click on themm,he he he,these people can crack you up with these laughing plugins,seriously!!!!! - April 18, 2001 by Jay Moore

Quite an incredible program - Does everything it says, and does it DAMN GOOD. If you haven't considered changing your mp3s to sound like vinyl, you will... - April 14, 2001 by jack insole

These guys are unbelievable - This is a very fun and strange plug-in. Wow. Serious DSP knowledge here. Looking forward to more stuff from them - this is unbelievable. - April 10, 2001 by Evan Clinton

Oh my... - Ok get it now. This thing is amazing, it sounds like the real thing... GET IT, You can specify every little option... Get it, even what year the vinyl was made in, the rpm, and how scratched it is... GET IT!!!! (AND a load of stuff that I dont understand....) GET IT BEFORE ITS TOO L... ok just get it. - April 6, 2001 by rabid wombat

Swinging 60's - Very Groovy - Turn off all except set the year to 1960 and turn the input gain down ever so slightly. Great For Time travel. If you used to have a 70's album but its scratched and now have downloaded its mp3's set the filter for 1970 or 70's single and hear what it would sound like but with the samples off except the year it would sound like vinyl thats never been touched since the day it was bought! - April 1, 2001 by Jeff Spidle

Click the Screws! - Hey, this thing is great! Get nostalgic for the "good old days" by making your music sound like it's coming off an old, dusty LP. If you really want to go back, make it sound like your first kiddie record player. Make sure to click on the screws on the interface for a surprise! - March 29, 2001 by Steve Beer