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IRC Control ex

Send a command to IRC on a song change.

Send a command to IRC on a song change.

This plugin can be used to send commands mIRC and Klient, as well as to send commands to winamp from within mirc/klient. You can do some really groovy stuff with the right scripts. Source available at

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April 11, 2002 by Brian Harris47662 downloads

IRC Control ex - Send a command to IRC on a song change.

Staff review

Good tool if you have an IRC chan for your SHOUTcast server.

Not exactly welcome in just any ol room on IRC, but if you have a room associated with your SHOUTcast server, very handy.


excellent :) - clean and simple, yet with all the features needed. I use this to pass mp3 information to a mIRC script I wrote which then formats and distributes as needed. Is a good idea if you want good control from within mirc :) being able to pass the filename is the only improvement over justin's mIRC plug that I needed. - September 5, 2004 by Triffid Hunter

Great tool - This tool is awesome for irritating people with what song you're listening to. I wouldn't recommend it in a chan of tight-***es though. bans will ensue. also instead of using /me try using /describe #channel blahblah. that should do the trick. all in all nicely done. - June 2, 2004 by Anone Moose

i got minor error on it... - yah it work fine but every time i play a song i got this error " */me: connot use /me in this window " it always show in my status window... - May 14, 2004 by edween manaog

Good job.. - For those of you who said it doesn't work in winamp 5.1.... your wrong... it works just fine and it's an AWESOME plugin... Good job! - March 4, 2004 by Brandon Walker

..was handy - it doesnt work in winamp 5.1, so i downgraded to 2.9 :P - December 25, 2003 by Kees Aak

works fine! - Very handy! - September 3, 2003 by Kees Aak

Bug - on mirc 5.82 bugs... - July 28, 2002 by Andre QuarkTop

Sweet... - This plugin really has it all mIRC needs... to bad it sometimes glitchez and sometimes sends a song with the time -0:01. But any good scripter can get this out of the way. Just make sure you don't run any fucked up mp3's with this plugin or you'll flood your way of IRC... - January 12, 2002 by Jan Vansteenkiste

annoying - this plugin is increadibly annoying,it will work at first,but if u try to use colors or bold or anything like that,then it messes it all up - November 8, 2001 by Craig Carter

woohoo - this plugin is fantastic!! mIRC addicts like my now don't have to leave their chatwindow to change songs on winamp and much more, if i could give it 1000 stars, i would! - October 6, 2001 by Holie maN

Niftiest plugin I've used - This plugin, to say the least, kicks ass! It's great if you're using mIRC constantly, like I am, and wanna tell the world what you're listening to... you can even control Winamp from mIRC if you know what you're doing... - May 5, 2001 by Justin Dale