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Infrared receiver plugin (updated)

Use an infrared receiver to control winamp with a normal remote

Use an infrared receiver to control winamp with a normal remote

With a normal remote you can now control Winamp from anywhere you want. Including the equalizer, multiple playlists and keyspeech.

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March 7, 2000 by Ties Bos111932 downloads

Infrared receiver plugin (updated) - Use an infrared receiver to control winamp with a normal remote

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Now Updated!

As we all move our PCs from the office to the living room, this is an essential plug. c-


Not Compatible - Looks like a great utility! I have a ACER Laptop (NLi 4150) with built-in Infrared Port. It is not a COM port so not able to use it. Can anyone suggest me how to use it? Thanks. [email protected] - August 25, 2005 by Abhishek Hardas

sounds good... - ... but i don't Infrared Receiver, if somebody knows how to build one then plees contact me by mail: [email protected] Tnx ahead. So far i think the plug-in is one of the best plug-ins ewer in winamp. - February 22, 2004 by KrK kaur

Excellent! - This got to be the best plugin in here, with it I can change tracks without getting out of the sofa! You even don't have to buy an expensive IRman, you can build a UIR (Universal Infrared Receiver) yourself! - March 1, 2003 by Oystein Raknes

Perfect and pretty. - This plugin is perfect for us laisy guys who wants to skip a song etc.without moving your ass. Very very good! Build an UIR for (20?) and relax... - November 4, 2002 by Fredrik Nyholm

Wow.. i want it.. so bad.. - But :( it don't works with XP... XP, XP, XP... ... - February 13, 2002 by Terje Tinnion

Good Idea - But how about USB support cause my IR device is USB - January 1, 2002 by Bari Chin

Must Have - I play the drums in my bed room with the computer on the other side of the room hooked up to a large sound system. So handy you could not believe it. i don't have to get up and miss the end of the song any more!! - November 27, 2001 by Liz Spain

Control me, baby! - Well i have to say this plugin made my day....;) Got the IR-ax (at only dutch) installed the plugin and YES it works, fantastic! - November 22, 2001 by Rik Vandewall

Rules - I think this plugin rules, but with a pctv remote control it isn't easy to install. But when it works it is the most greatest plugin ever!!! - July 8, 2001 by Koen ?

Sweet! - I have both the IRman Reciever and I use it at home in my personal custom music system. This thing rocks! Worth every penny! - June 12, 2001 by Chon Wayne

Works 100% :-) - This one is the best plug-in ever! Thanks alot Ties Bos, with your UIR and my NAD CD player IR remote it works wonderful! - April 29, 2001 by Bengt Stark

_ - This plugin don't support Actisys IR devices! BUT I HAVE ACTISYS ........ PLease make corrections !!!!!!!!! - April 19, 2001 by Aleksej Danilenko

Grin :) - I didn't get the plugin included with the irman to work...for yours I needed 5 secs to get it working! Nice work! - April 13, 2001 by Harry Kaas

Excellent! - How can anyone not like this plugin? It gives those old remote controls a purpose in life. - April 13, 2001 by Clay Stallard aka Haywood Jablomi

I don't understand it - does it work with ant remote control? - April 1, 2001 by kaijage kironde