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Creative Infra Remote Control General purpose plug-in for Winamp 2.x

Creative Infra Remote Control General purpose plug-in for Winamp 2.x

This General purpose plug-in for Winamp 2.x to allow controlWinamp using the Infra Remote Control supplied with the Creative LabsInfra CD-ROM models.(This version support either Infra Detector or Infra Manager)

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March 9, 2001 by Suriyan Laohaprapanon36813 downloads

InfraAmp - Creative Infra Remote Control General purpose plug-in for Winamp 2.x

Staff review

Infra control

Control Winamp with the Infra Remote Control from Creative Labs Infra CD-ROM models. I wasn't able to test it out because I lack the Creative Labs gear...if anyone finds bugs please email the author. New for either Infra Detector or Infra Manager. -dg


It work. Period. - It really works with infra CD, I have an old remote cd drive (infra 2400, 16x only) and the plugin does exactly what it says it does. Excellente plugin. The ONLY program that I have ever found to work with this cd drive, apart from the one bundled with the CD. I give it 50 stars!!! - February 15, 2003 by Rodrigo Tapia

Yuppie Duppiee Doo - WOW! One hell of a plugin! Real Kewl it is! Now that this does work, maybe I can get myself some learning remote and teach it a trick or two ;) The Comp then move one step up and into my living room! Thanks Pal! The only sad thing is that 1) the author has given no homepage from where we could possibly find better updates and 2)Where the hell does Creative keep its infra software? Are their no updates? Is there some infra update with the DVD iNFRA! God Alone knows! Anyways, Happy 2002!!!!!1 :) - January 1, 2002 by Jogy George

is very good - this plug-in it is very good but the only reason for that I don't give him the 5 stars is that I eat my language it is Spanish and the language of software of the sound card is in Spanish this plug-in it doesn't serve with infra suite it is Spanish but with the new version that you/they can lower it then in the menu of the remote control it is in English they should take out infra suite in Spanish new version - October 31, 2001 by Carlos Eduardo Gonz�lez Pe�a

Must-have - Excellent plugin, it's a must have if you have a Creative iNFRA drive. One thing though, it only detects the english version of Infra Manager. Hope that there's an update soon with more features. - August 31, 2001 by Marco Etcheberrigaray

Es una porqueria de plug-in - El siguiente plug in solo sirve en modo shift, el cual no es muy util por que si se requiere explorar el playlist a una gran velocidad no te lo permite como seria con el teclado. - May 6, 2001 by Hazur Socconini Alvarado

Damned good! - This is damned good! Before this, my Creative remote control was fairly useless. Now, however, I can remain in my armchair and flick between songs. The odd bug still I think, I can't pause or stop, and something funny has happened to my DVD player, but that's probably (?) unrelated. Really, Creative themselves should package something like this as standard. - May 1, 2001 by Philip Woodward

Thanks Alot - Have been useing the volume control on my creative remote and changing winamp songs manually with PalmAMP this is what I have looking for , for some time now. Thankx a thousand Party ON !!! - April 19, 2001 by Werner Stucky

You're My Saviour - WOW....You're My Saviour man...I was looking for this for a loong loong time as I use my computer as my primary music system...I needed a remote to control it without additional cost ....and u just saved my LIFE....THANX MAN - April 6, 2001 by Anumeet Soni

Infra amp - Excellant plug-in, I have been looking for it for some time. Haven't found any bus in it yet!! - March 29, 2001 by Patrick Thompson