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VERY NICE dithered output ,But Need a hi end sound card to Max out all the feature

VERY NICE dithered output ,But Need a hi end sound card to Max out all the feature

Smooth & low error encording plus high quality dithering

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January 8, 2002 by Peter Lamda55101 downloads

IN_MAD - VERY NICE dithered output ,But Need a hi end sound card to Max out all the feature

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Mpeg decoder

Allows for you to get up to 32 bit resolution for output...depending on your soundcard. Readme file has good instructions on installation.


New improved version - Check out this much improved version! Sounds great and works flawlessly with 24 bit mp3 decoding on my X-fi.*** The LATEST bugfixed DLL can be download from **** libmad 0.15.1b* libid3tag 0.15.1b* zlib 1.23* Gaussian dither and noise shaping routines from SSRC 1.30* Working ID3v2 editor* APEv2 editor* LAME gapless playback support* Non-LAME tagged gap skip/removal feature* ReplayGain support* Winamp 5 advanced formatting support* Shoutcast streaming title supportThis improved version has been available since 2006. I wondered why it was never mentioned here before. - April 13, 2008 by gm kater

YOU NEED THIS - this plugin is great it makes all audio files sound cleaner. and best of all it adjust the wave output on the fly reducing cliping from poorly recorded music - March 12, 2006 by tony biacthy

new plugin - there's a newly compiled version available at w/id3v2 and new mad libs from sourceforge - March 9, 2006 by spock jones

yessss! - check it this plugin with Sundblaster X-Fi ........... aaaaaaah :o) - January 25, 2006 by thorn forest

Slow and strains storage devices - While the output bit depth is greater, many sound cards don't support it. This plugin walks through the MPEG file to verify the indicated bitrate putting almost *useless* strain on HDD and CD devices. It also pads ID3 fields with 0x20 instead of 0x00 chars making it incompatible with the TrackNumber extension (comment contains spaces when tn is present). One nice feature is the the clipping detection even over 0.0 dB, but considering the previous "features" a better solution would be to use the Mp3Trim app to reduce the volume. - January 1, 2005 by Janis Niko

I love it. - This is a great plugin not because it increases bitdepth, but because it DECODES in a higher bitdepth. In other words, the MP3s are decoded with a higher level of precision. So, even if you have to use 16-bit output (or even a mere 8-bit) then it should come out in better quality. Note, people think 32-bit mode is best since it's higher than 24-bit. It is no better because 32-bit is just 24-bit with padding added. This was really added for the sake of compatibility and won't normally be needed. So remember this is still better even if your soundcard can't handle 24-bit audio (note that many will just internally dither to 16 in hardware, so you might be better off quality-wise letting the plugin dither instead even if the card will let you play 24-bit.) The reason I don't think this should be standard is that they refuse to add support for ID3V2+ tags. So you are stuck with the lowest level tag data, which often isn't even present. This means titles end up cut off or even just have to be generated from the filename only. Also, Winamp does NOT like > 16-bit audio. If you enable 24-bit or 32-bit output, all audio processing will be broken. Equalizers, audio plugins, and so on will do nothing at all because the winamp plugin system doesn't handle > 16-bit audio. Probably even if they did update this the plugins would have to be rewritten to properly work. They really should though as more and more cards are being made to meet audio-DVD standards. - July 30, 2004 by Nazo San

every one needs this... - this should be standard in winamp... my mp3's sounds much clearer with this on :) i would give 10 stars if possible but 5 seems to be the highest possible :p - July 20, 2004 by El_Angelo verstraete

WinAmp's best-kept secret - Too bad you have to search the back pages to find this one. The lack of ID3v2 labels is the only reason why people aren't crying for the Nullsoft folks to issue this one as the default. This codec should become the choice for Windows Media, Sony and more. Get it! You'll discover a 30-percent improvement in overall sound quality and combined with enhancer and crossfading, you'll be able to generate broadcast quality sound. Bye bye FM! - November 25, 2003 by Michael Hoffmann

IN_MAD - It's a pretty good work but it would be good if someone would add an ID3 v2 editor, add a streaming buffer and use the latest MAD Library because the plugin and library are open source. - October 23, 2003 by Antoine Desch�nes

No streaming buffer - While this plugin gives a better sound than the standard in_mp3 input it suffers from one major flaw... A lack of any decent buffering capability makes it near useless for listening to mp3 streams (internet radio etc) as it skips/stutters way too much :( - June 17, 2003 by Tony Jeffery-Watson

I LOVE this plugin!!! - This was a great idea. I just wish they had found a way to make it a dsp plugin or something like that instead of replacing the mp3 decoder itself so that it would work with all sound input and prevent a few annoyances such as the file association issue. Despite all that, this plugin does such a great job that you might have to disable it sometimes due to the fact that it makes the artifacts all the easier to hear d-: (Finding a well encoded mp3 is no easy task unless you make it yourself.) Someone needs to make something like this for Winamp 3. BTW, alper aslan, you may not have noticed, but most people here are english speakers. By the question marks it looked as if you had a problem, but it's likely the english speaking author doesn't speak the same language so it would make no sense. - May 7, 2003 by Nazo San

The most accurate - According to tests, this seems to be the most accurate plugin for 24 or 16 bit audio... not to mention it also supports up to 640kbps mp3s... - February 13, 2003 by Joe G

Best Mpeg Plugin Available - This is the best mpeg plugin for winamp. The sound quality is far superior to the standard Mp3 decoder. - November 30, 2002 by Aaron Walters

Ehhhhhhh i?te - arkada?lar maksadym buraya yazy yazmakty te?ekkurler program caly?yyordur herhalde te?ekkurler ALPER - October 10, 2002 by alper aslan

Download this plugin now!!! Your ears will spank you! ;-) - The official homepage: ( ) I had a big review up here, but all I have to say really is this plugin RULES. It gives you better sound by ensuring that the mp3 has a MUCH better chance of decoding acurately. Download!!! =) Jdg.Audiotech.WolfFM ( ) - August 22, 2002 by jdg wolffm