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General plugin for winamp2 (now ver 1.11).

General plugin for winamp2 (now ver 1.11).

Ignoresong is a winamp2 plugin. It is recommened to use the newest Winamp2 versionfor this plugin. Ignoresong has a custom "bad word" list where you can put all the words, titlesor interprets of songs, that you don't want to hear. By filling the list be sure you know how Ignoresong scan these "bad words". A feature of Ignoresong is that it can skip all the songs in the playlist for serval hours, that already played. So it is guaranteed that the song won't be play again in short time by using random mode. For favourite songs you badly want that they play twice in short time in random mode and you won't do without this feature, you can fill these songs in the exception list. Read the gen_ignoresong_doc.txt for more information.

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July 14, 2003 by David Pessel5805 downloads

Ignore Song - General plugin for winamp2 (now ver 1.11).

Staff review

Ignore songs with certain file names

Does what it says; allows you to create a list of file names to ignore. For example, if you wanted Winamp to skip over all the songs in your current playlist that had 'no artist' as the title.... just add the string 'no artist' to your list, and Winamp will skip over those songs (unless, the last song in the playlist has a name on the ignore list). This goes by the actual entry in the playlist, not the id3 tag.


Works fine, but... - Yes, it skips the songs with the words you've entered... but it doesn't automatically not play these songs. When an "ignored song" is selected, it plays it for a second, and then skips it. You should make a function that automatically not play these items. - August 31, 2005 by nibbler 8

EXCELLENT! - Just great! This one IS the shuffle modification for winamp I was looking for since the beginning! - February 5, 2004 by jeanclaude Boule