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iCamPlay Dancing

Webcam game plugin like dance game of EyeToy.

Webcam game plugin like dance game of EyeToy.

Early version of a plugin that uses iCamPlay dll (a library for motion detection), its a webcam game like EyeToy dance game, install it and start dancing with your favourite music and make points! (Mirror effect is configurable with config utility, see readme) i will rewrite the plugin with more options on next weeks, like player competitions, highscore web, and more...

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March 9, 2004 by pedro gil253492 downloads

iCamPlay Dancing - Webcam game plugin like dance game of EyeToy.

Staff review

Webcam dance game

I didn't have a webcam to properly test this out with... it installs ok tho. If anyone encounters any bugs, please contact the author.


123 - 23324 - November 25, 2007 by Senja Senja

Nice game - Great job, but a mirror option will be nice, becaus my webcam mirrors the screen. - July 3, 2007 by timmyhawky lastname

my preview of i cam dancing - well i think is a good Idea for a Party. If you Like to dance you get lot of Points. Go get it. Works fine on LCD Display. No Problems @ install and configure. - January 8, 2007 by Roger Jakobs

Fake program - website downloads adware and so does the configure file DO NO DOWNLOAD THIS EVER. - December 9, 2005 by Altometer jarjar

gaby music - ????????? - November 14, 2005 by paps papy

POP - 123 - October 14, 2005 by CHRISTINA LIU

vfw is not a garage dev issue - could someone please test this on other than own device before publishing? catching null pointers is not as hard as it zeems to - sam thing about assuming anyone has 1 monitor with 1280res! !however nice idea! (too pitty making free advertisment for iCam) - September 18, 2005 by Martin Syriste

i dont know how to use it - i downloaded it and it said it was finished installing but i dont know how to use it if you could tell me it would help. - July 8, 2005 by alex arroyo

i like it - it is a cool plugin but it never ends.... and my screen needs a flip but i dont know if thet is bocouse my camera settings or something else how to start it: install it ctrl+p find the plugin start choose your camera in the menu have fun :) only if you stop the pugin i need to restart6 winamp... - June 27, 2005 by Derk Vedelaar

. - I am sorry to say so, but this plug sucks how does it work, after the installation i am getting the message that the installation has ended, but what than??? ctrl-p? please help?? - June 6, 2005 by mark lasttie

?? - I cant get it to work. I need instructions on how to set it up. Like what do you do. What directory do you put it in. How do you open it? - March 30, 2005 by Daniel Russell

realy great starter - I think it is a real great plugin. My webcam runs on 640?480 so i was able to get a better view then the pic. of the webcam. I only don't get the scorecount... I must say plugin should be further developed (with more options to play with). then it would be realy cool! (ohw yeah: and a image flip/mirror option should be build in to.) furtheremore i must say: it's a great plugin! - January 25, 2005 by joen wil

Cool - Its a cool lil plugin, i like the idea, my web cam sucks, so i dont think i can give a accurate rateing, but none the less, its a fun lil plugin... - January 1, 2005 by Martin Rudolph

Didnt work for me :( - i saw it and i was like hey its something to do! i downloaded it and it didnt work proper and my sound didnt work on tv streams and i couldnt access radio streams, but the idea is awsome, i think you should work on it a bit because it would be fun to play with the chums. - October 15, 2004 by Evo Soriano

Good Idea... - Well, now my sound does not work on winamp, and only the 4 dots apeared, with a black background. and my cam works fine. But its a good concept... work on it ;) - June 6, 2004 by dane doe

great idea, but... - the image is mirrored. anyway, really cool plug-in. 10stars for creativity. and i cant start the plugin twice at the same active session of winamp. - March 21, 2004 by idan amati