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iAmpRemote v1.4

A Winamp Remote for iPhone

A Winamp Remote for iPhone

Connect your iPhone or iPod Touch to your home WiFi network, and control the music & video playing on your computer wirelessly. iAmpRemote is a native iPhone app and does not run in a web browser. It lets you see exactly what song is playing, control the playback, volume and even see a live spectrum visualisation. iAmpRemote also lets you control your playlist. You can view the playlist songs on your iPhone and even search. There are two parts to iAmpRemote: this winamp plugin, and an iPhone app that you can get from the iTunes App Store for just $4.99US. Visit for more info, and for the latest plugin download.

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August 19, 2008 by Dimitri Raftopoulos113338 downloads

iAmpRemote v1.4 - A Winamp Remote for iPhone

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Get Connected.

Wanna control Winamp with your iPhone? This plugin offers you a Winamp Classic-like interface for playback options as well as a Playlist Editor on your iPhone.


Perfect!!! took 2 minutes to set up. Just punch in your IP address and make a password. Then you have full control of winamp on your computer from anywhere!!!! - March 1, 2010 by [email protected]

Hope they consider adding support for us Blackberry users. Would be nice to have - January 22, 2010 by roy402

AMAZING !! - Works flawlessly once it is setup.How to setup with ur iPod Touch or iPhone1. Install iPod Touch App and install this plugin to ur winamp2a. Go to your iPod Settings and enter the IP address of your computer which is running the Winamp.2b. Also enter a password like "abcd"3a. On your PC, in Winamp, go to Preferences > Plugins and search for iAmpRemote plugin and click Configue3b. Enter the same password e.g. "abcd"3c. Leave the default port as it is4. Run App in iPod touch (ensure Winamp is running on ur PC)wallah !! it shud be working for u FLAWLESSLY :D - May 4, 2009 by Aviral Sharma

maybe it's good - i would like to use it on my profile o how i can do? and how can i add own songs? - September 12, 2008 by Play Hungman