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HyperLyrics 0.72

The Best for Your Lyrics!

The Best for Your Lyrics!

HyperLyrics is a tool that downloads lyrics from the internet and display them on your computer in an easy and intuitive way. It saves the lyrics on your computer so it only has to download them once. HyperLyrics also supports karaoke features: it can display the current text line synchronously. It also can show karaoke lyrics in the MilkDrop2 visualization. Now much faster & more stable, and support for Winamp, WMP & YouTube (IE).

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October 18, 2010 by John Mars48070 downloads

HyperLyrics 0.72 - The Best for Your Lyrics!

Staff review

Lyrics Viewer

This runs as an external program (the installer doesn't make this too clear) and it works in conjunction with Winamp. However it seems to be somewhat flawed with most tracks failing to get any lyrics (when other systems work) and the example didn't work correctly either. It seems to be a good idea but there does seem to be better alternatives available which better integrate with Winamp (ie skinned embedded window to match with the Winamp UI - the external window is rather cumbersome) and also find more results consistently (only managed 1 valid result out of 30 common songs tried).


My need for a lyrics viewer differs from most common uses. I sing live over the internet to backing tracks I create. My lyrics have to be modified to show when guitar breaks occur, etc. This means I cannot use stock lyrics that come from the internet - I always have to modify them. Hyperlyrics works beautifully. It is easy to paste my own lyrics into a song, and it always correctly associates the lyrics with the song. And it works perfectly, unlike other buggy ones I have tried. - February 1, 2011 by [email protected]

Works as seperate Program! With W7x64 and Winamp v5.601 with Milkdrop renering the Lyrics. Great but not perfect. - December 12, 2010 by [email protected]