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HTTP Song Info Post

Posts currently playing track to PHP web forms

Posts currently playing track to PHP web forms

Includes sample PHP script to create dynamic PNG images with play history

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May 11, 2006 by Mark Gillespie9995 downloads

HTTP Song Info Post - Posts currently playing track to PHP web forms

Staff review

This is the basic version of the plugin and as the decent readme (in the gen_httppost folder in your plugins folder) indicates it comes with no support.
On testing this worked as expected and worked correctly all of the time.
From the quick play with this, paying (the small sum) for the enhanced version was almost tempting. Nicely put together.


Doesn't work - While the plugin does make a request of the server, no string is sent with the request. At least not with 5.531 - June 28, 2008 by chris nasr

Smashing Plug-in - I'd like to say that this is a wonderfully designed plug-in. It works well and it's easy to use. I had two problems with the plug-in, but they were easily fixed. 1. Upon testing, the script asked for history1.txt, history2.txt, and history3.txt; however, these files were not included in the unpacking of the installation. I just created the files and CHMOD'ed them appropriately. 2. When I played songs with apostrophes in them, the leading "\" was included in the image. I fixed it by adding: $history1 = stripslashes("$history1"); and so on. Not a big issue, but stil it's a minor bug. Overall, this is a wonderful script. Excellent job. - June 29, 2006 by Matthew F

New Version - Hi, posted a bugfix release, now version, which fixes a bug where artist names or track names with & in them were truncated. If you have this issue, please re-download to get the update. If you like this plugin, please rate it, and add comments. Thanks. - May 28, 2006 by Mark Gillespie

Very Good - But then I woudl say thay, I wrote it... :-) - May 11, 2006 by Mark Gillespie