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Finally add system-wide keyboard shortcuts to WinAmp

Finally add system-wide keyboard shortcuts to WinAmp

Let's you add keyboard shortcuts for 8 most common actions with winamp: play, pause, stop, previous, next, volume up, volume down, open WinAmp window. Check for details and updates.

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January 16, 2002 by Mattes Dolak6781 downloads

HotK - Finally add system-wide keyboard shortcuts to WinAmp

Staff review

Hot key plug-in... missing some vital info

This installs ok...but, there doesn't seem to be any information on where you find out which key combos control the functions. The configure screen only brings up a window that allows you to enable certain functions to be controlled... no info on which keys do what. Kinda makes this not very useful. To author, if I'm missing something, please excuse me...but, whatever the case, this information needs to be more easily accessible for next version.


Works Great - I don't have a Logitech keyboard, I have a cheap Chicony somthing-or-other supplied with my rubbish TINY PC (Never Buy) any way, to my suprise it works great! Controls Volume Too :-) - November 5, 2003 by Luke Beale

Smart Thing - It's a good plugin, the ShowWinamp comand does not work vary well (as it says). The staff did not serch on his site for the hotkeys : Shift + Ctrl + Z - Previous Shift + Ctrl + X - Play Shift + Ctrl + C - Pause Shift + Ctrl + V - Stop Shift + Ctrl + B - Next Shift + Ctrl + W - Show/Hide Winamp Shift + Ctrl + up arrow - Volume up Shift + Ctrl + down arrow - Volume down I recomend this plugin to all of you. - January 18, 2002 by Patras Vlad