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Hot keys for WinAmp

Switch songs, adjust playback volume without switching to WinApm window

Switch songs, adjust playback volume without switching to WinApm window

Switch songs, tune up sound volume with fully customizable hot keys or mouse wheel.

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April 17, 2001 by Vassili Bourdo22770 downloads

Hot keys for WinAmp - Switch songs, adjust playback volume without switching to WinApm window

Staff review

Assign hot keys for Winamp

Very easy to set up and configure... many options are available for hot key assigning. Definitely useful for the ultra keyboard savy who wish to make the less skilled look like interface amatuers....or, if you just like the idea of being able to control Winamp functions in a customizable fashion. -dg


small & simple - the best approach - October 29, 2005 by Jaroslav Z�ruba

Go volume features! - THis is the only plugin out there that will let you associate volume presets with a hotkey. I wanted to have a key combo that would reduce the volume by about 80% as a sort of "mute" when someone was talking to me. Even better, I set the pre-amp on the equalizer very low... That way I can use the "Equalizer Toggle" hotkey to toggle my volume between full and reduced. - July 11, 2005 by Sudo Randon

WONDERFUL - woot i have used these hot keys for years. I LOVE THEM!!!!! - November 3, 2004 by randy apuzzo

Wow. - I had a Shortcut keys plugin for Winamp before I reformatted and it allowed for the use of the Winkey in it's combos, but it was limited to only the main Winamp functions. In looking for that plugin again I came across this one and it's perfect. I've assigned so many keys so now I don't have to even look at the Winamp interface while I go about other things on the computer. To the person who complained about the left=Num4, right=Num6, etc: If you assign something to an arrow key, it's the same as if you assigned it to the corresponding numpad key, and the shortcut will work for either Num4/Num6 or left/right, etc. - June 22, 2003 by Steven Wilson

Great plugin! - This plugin is definately the best hotkey plugin. It has heaps of configuration options, and is very easy to configure; each hotkey can be set to a combination of keys or just a single key. It also does one more thing that no other keyboards do; it manages to use a couple of the "multimedia keys" I have on my crappy IBM keyboard. Very good plugin. - March 3, 2003 by Eivind Thomassen

Perfect! - Wheeee.... this was just what i was looking for. Very easy to set up and works perfect. The only thing i miss is a minimize/restore shortcut. - June 3, 2002 by Lars Jorgensen

sweet - you've gotta use it, its the most useful thing scince winamp itself - April 3, 2002 by gaz pie

Winamp isn't functional without it... - 5 Stars for this wonderfull piece of software, no matter what those morons say about the weird 'save' button. - January 30, 2002 by cappie quickzone

Usefull - something really usefull - December 6, 2001 by derek orangekaos

Hot keys - I think i made better one :) - July 19, 2001 by Ujif Comander

Great! - Best program of its type and nothing it can't do, just be sure to click the "SAVE" button in the bottom right every time you change something. - May 1, 2001 by luke garner

Saving???!?!?! - You don't seem to keep the settings at all! - April 26, 2001 by Quincy Li