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Horst Deinert

fm radio plugins

fm radio plugins

This is a plugin to listen fm radiostations with WinAmp

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January 25, 2001 by Horst Deinert58033 downloads

Horst Deinert - fm radio plugins

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Fm Radio for Winamp

Let's you listen to FM radio stations in Winamp. My soundcard wasn't supported so I didn't get a chance to try it out....but, it installed ok. If anyone encounters problems or bugs, please contact us at [email protected] -dg


All in one - Winamp - '1'1 - December 4, 2004 by Andrej Singer

Works Great I love it! - I love this plug-in!! It Installed with ease and works flawlisly. I can now listen to my favorate radio station (KMPS in Seattle) with my Packard Bell radio card and Winamp, my favorate audio player of all time! - July 29, 2003 by Matthew D'Asaro

* Some Assembly Required * - Hey Horst, ahhm .. nice plugin .. maybe .. it crashed WinAMP and that gets a pretty low rating in my book. You didn't say it required a radio card. Not sure where to get one, but if I do, I'll look up your plugin again. :) One star cause apparently it did work for some other people. Sincerely, =David W= - May 8, 2003 by David Wicker

Looks promising - But I have NO IDEA what card I have, and when I guess, it crashes and lacks dll's. Tough. (this is the same problem Jim Williams had, only he's too cowardly to say it's his own fault :P) Anyway. I like the way the interface is supposed to work, but I'd like a bit more info/support about/for other cards. - September 25, 2002 by joert mastar

Works well - No problems running it. Nothing flashy, works exactly as its supposed to. If you have a radio card its at least worth taking a look at. - May 8, 2001 by James Budworth