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HID Plugin v1.5

Use any HID remote control with Winamp

Use any HID remote control with Winamp

Teach your player to understsnd any HID device. You can assign any HID button to the Winamp playback actions. It allows to control player over Bluetooth, IrDA and many other devices.The latest version and more information you can find here:

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September 29, 2008 by Roman Novgorodov84912 downloads

HID Plugin v1.5 - Use any HID remote control with Winamp

Staff review

HID Controller

This plugin might be useful for those who cannot control winamp via Global Hotkeys. Easy to configure.


excelent - works super in W7! - August 26, 2009 by Rob

What a Great Plug-in! - For a month or so, I've been looking for a way for my multimedia keyboard to control Winamp, to remove the need to alt-tab to switch songs, since Winamp would only occasionally detect the keyboard. Lo and behold, this plug-in has done what no other has, and my keyboard now does what I want! However, the volume control doesn't seem to work (I'll keep trying though), and some features aren't enable in the free version, but well worth it! - January 9, 2009 by Geoff Elliott

The latest HID Plugin - The new HID Plugin v1.3 is released. It seems more better now. Setup is available here: - October 30, 2008 by Roman Novgorodov

Great job - A few months ago I bought a Trust multimedia remote control. It's software sucked big time, and it hadn't had support for Winamp. I configured it eventually, but it was buggy, the Winamp window had to be in the foreground, and it crashed a lot. This plug-in is exactly what I needed. Thanks very much. 5 stars from me. I'm looking forward for next releases, I would like to configure all my buttons. And as a suggestion you could link it to Global Hotkeys... this way any action could be assign to any button.Keep up the good work, thanks again - October 28, 2008 by Zoltan Antal

awesome plugin but little navigation - play pause next song last song volume it dose what it says but no navigation control across used with in a play list - October 2, 2008 by para dox