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Gravis GamePadPro Remote For WinAmp

Use Your Gravis GamePad to Controll Winamp!

Use Your Gravis GamePad to Controll Winamp!

This Plugin is not realy a plug in, You need a Gravis GamePad Pro and the newest software from Gravis to run it. You can get the software for free from

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March 19, 2000 by Ben Shroyer34393 downloads

Gravis GamePadPro Remote For WinAmp - Use Your Gravis GamePad to Controll Winamp!

Staff review

Not sure about its use.

Ok I dont have a GamePad to try this one out but. I just dont see how or why I would use this to control winamp. c-


Niche market - If you find yourself needing this plug-in, it is the sweetest solution to your problems ... If you don't see the point, move on :> ... Scenario - Your PC is up-stairs locked in your room, your party is downstairs ... Run the speaker wires out the window, to the big mo'funkers in the garden, and a couple of joystick lead extenders ... Adv. : Easy to use and re-configure Cheaper than using a WAP setup with your mobile Less headaches than Bluetooth controlled setup Secure - very limited access to your PC, so anyone can fiddle without mucking up your setup Dis-adv : ummm, well the game set might need a little re-adjustment if your GamePad Pro is as weird as mine with diagonal movements on the pad itself (I've changed it so pad is ONLY for volume, and the top flippers are used for track navigation...) - September 12, 2003 by Chris Merriman

Why? - Seems kinda stupid to me.... - August 17, 2002 by Kris Craig

Very Useful - oh yeah ! i have a remote control for winamp ! - January 29, 2002 by dexterz manne

Handy Plugin - Ok for gamers like me who play games that don't use the gravis game pad but like to play music in the background then this plugin is a must! Sometimes you want to skip, replay or stop a song but don?t want to minimize the game. - May 5, 2001 by shutthe fuckup