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Spiffy transparent deal, lets you toggle shadows on XP too

Spiffy transparent deal, lets you toggle shadows on XP too

I came up with the idea in the tub, implemented it without a hitch and I'm pleased with the effect, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Note: Only works on Windows 2000 or greater, Sorry 9x'ers

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December 2, 2003 by oh six21725 downloads

gen_Trans - Spiffy transparent deal, lets you toggle shadows on XP too

Staff review

Nifty use of transparency

Fades to transparency when mouse exits Winamp, and fades in to full view when mouse is over Winamp. You can configure how fast the fades happen and how transparent Winamp gets.


Hell yea - I was serfin the net one day and the wife said to me shutdown winamp so i can see. Well to my surpeise i did, stopped my music all together i wasn't happy. Long story short we are both happy and i can still jam to my tunes thanks make this one rocks. No complaints from me (wife) either I love you for this. Sorrry Keep up the exalent work. - January 27, 2005 by Reg Rapson

Not bad, but there are better ones out there. - I have to congrate the author on the effort but I have already written such a plugin a while back which has features people here are requesting. Unfortunately, It is not in the db because it keeps getting removed! You can get it at Oh, if you are the author, I love to work together on a Winamp5 version! email me. - February 13, 2004 by Ing-Long Kuo

Great plugin - After installing WinAmp 2.81 gen_Trans works with Resume v1.2 plugin. The problem for me might have came from the old version of WinAmp v2.80 or it just need reinstallation. Whatever the case both works together perfectly now. Great plugin. - December 16, 2002 by Donald Lee

Perfect - Makes everything seem more lovely. I wish winamp had it builtin. - June 16, 2002 by Jacob Wells

goodness. - soooo much better than CThru. The fact that it actually has config options is just one reason. The fact that it's not always transparent is another. - June 8, 2002 by Liam Morley

Trippy - This is quite a bit better than CThru, it lets you configure transparency percentage and what have you. The only reason I knocked a star off is because it would be nice if it could instantly be set to its full transparency after the mouse comes off, rather than having to fade out: alpha transparency is a fairly expensive task in terms of CPU time. If anybody complains that this doesn't work on Windows 9x, don't. Win9x simply doesn't support alpha transparency, it's not the plugin's fault. - May 26, 2002 by Stephen Jennings

Cool (frosty) - YEAH. I can have winamp dissapear when I don't need it and call it back with one move of mouse cursor!! A really good idea for transparency control. But some additional settings could be of use (like eg. separate transparency factor for each subwindow). Keep up the good work. - May 1, 2002 by Rishta Stupor