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who knows... maybe one day the stupid submission process will be fixed..

who knows... maybe one day the stupid submission process will be fixed..

The "Now Playing" plugin for Winamp and MSN Messenger.

Allows the "What I'm Listening To" feature of MSN Messenger 7.0.0777, 7.5 and above to function with Winamp. Compatible with Winamp 2 and 5.

This plugin allows the same customization as the Toaster plugin, however without the notification component.

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April 21, 2005 by shane hird1106383 downloads

gen_msn - who knows... maybe one day the stupid submission process will be fixed..

Staff review

MSN Now Playing plugin

Simple little plugin which is quick and easy to install and get running. Just make sure you have at least Messenger 7.0.0777 (and above as applicable) for it to work.


cool - October 19, 2010 by larry sanchez

great! - Works very well!!! good job!!! - August 26, 2009 by valenta_16

Works Great - I read someone was having problems so i tried it out myself. Be sure you enable the feature to show what song is playing in your msn options. And it should work.Installed on NEW msn with plus installed.Thanks for the plug in. - July 19, 2009 by news_59

good job! - better than that other msn plugin! - October 12, 2008 by Volker Wilhelm

excelent - this is the best one of it's kind I have found. also some said something about customizing the status message. you can put winamp or whatever you want after the artist title tags in the winamp configuration. you can type anything there like (playing in winamp) A most excelent plugin :) - July 19, 2008 by Shane Baxter

Crap! - Crap plugin, does not seem to work at all on msn messenger 8.1 even though it says it should work on 8 and up... suxx - May 5, 2008 by swe barb

gggg - ggggg - April 20, 2008 by SICK Bu S haha

Great! - Great plug-in! However, the personal message does not clear using "Stop with Fadeout". It would be even greater if fixed! - February 12, 2008 by Ulisse Hautl

WORKS - Windows Media Player was starting to anoy me so I decided to switch back to winamp, but then I lost my cute little 'now playing' plugin. After downloading three other MSN plugins that didn't work, finally THIS one worked for me. Thank you! - November 11, 2007 by kimmy r

does it's work great - because i don't use MS-Media Player and therefore have still installed MP8.0 i had to install the small patch provided at that the PlugIn worked great! - October 29, 2007 by Chri Melnicki

great - no coment!!! - September 15, 2007 by Anel Mahir

Easy-to-use plug-in - This plugin outstands most of it peers, with easy installation and full support of Unicode charsets.However, it falls short when you're trying to play music/radio online. - September 7, 2007 by Qiuhai ZHOU

works as advertised - for some reason the plugin breaks unicode support for the song title/artist name in my taskbar. (things show up as ??? - ??? in my taskbar now). - July 29, 2007 by Lisa Luo

great work - hi! i'm using the v0.31 version with Live Messenger 8.1 and works great, congrats. And i have a little cuestion, how much work would be to display also the videos info (could be the name only)? anyway great work !! - March 23, 2007 by alejandro bravo

Very good - Very good plugin... The version here is 0.22, but the latest is 0.3 which we can download at You should UPDATE the version here from 0.22-0.3... And like I said before, GOOD plugin... - February 16, 2007 by Winamp Winamp

GREAT!!! - This plugin is much better then the other plugin! - December 16, 2006 by Thijs van der Burg

not compatibility with XM Radio - this plug-in is very good.. but.. makes a compatibility with XM Radio ("uvox:\\" radio strean) for plug-in to be perfect.. - December 14, 2006 by Fillipe Oliveira

Correct my opinion - First I would like to say sorry to developer, I didn't download the latest version of plug-in then I start give opinoin for the bug not supporting chinese words, already been fix in latest version. Thank you developer put effort on this!!~~ It work well!!!~~ - August 25, 2006 by Shiro Amada

Not Supporting Chinese word - When I use Windows Media Player play the song, in MSN show correct chinese word, but I use this plug-in only english word is working well, but all chinese word fail to show, all become square word.... can developer fix this bug? - August 16, 2006 by Shiro Amada

Doesn't seem to work... :( - Hi, This doesn't seem to work at all on Windows Live massenger. Is it just me, or what? It told me I needed WMP 9 or up. I gave you a star for trying ;P - August 6, 2006 by Mikey Mahar

0.24v doesn't load fully on WLM 8+ - I downloaded the 0.24v. It does load for WLM 8+. However, it doesn\'t load the artist name? It loads the song title only. =/ - July 12, 2006 by Jen Teo

Works on MSN Messenger Live Beta, too! - Well I think what previous reviewers and my title have said says it all. It works on the most recent beta release of MSN Messenger Live which I'm happy to see. thank you! - June 18, 2006 by Frank M

Live Messenger - Hi, It's not working properly on MSN Live Messenger... The "What I'm Listening to" only displays what's filled on the "MSN Title" field. For instance, if i put %title% on it, MSN displays "- Track1". If I put "%artist% - %title%" on it, MSN displays: " - Artist1 - Track1" But it's a nice plugin - March 26, 2006 by Eduardo Sena

Excellent - Works with msn 8 beta (gen msn v0.24) - March 18, 2006 by Coelho MD

my review - the best winamp plugin in the world i updated it today aswell, before i had an older version and when i listenined to winamp radio it was stuck as [buffer 94%] etc, but now its changed and everything that changes on the radio changes no messenger now aswell download now or regret it - March 15, 2006 by kevin cambell

Good, however I have found better. - Hi. Up untill a while ago i realized that winamp will restore your PM when playback is paused. Good feature indeed. However I experienced problems. 1st, when i restarted MSN, it would display the song i was listening to when i restarted, however i am listenin to a new song. This will not update untill a track changes. And 2nd, when i listen to a shoutcast station, it didnt update at all. So i did a bit of research and came up with MessengerAmp. It solved all of my problems and still has great syntax. You can find it @: Hope this helped any MSn7.0+/WA users - February 21, 2006 by Justin Bennett

JEE - just kovis - February 8, 2006 by Katri Lonnfors

works great - no glitches or anything - January 21, 2006 by Ezell D

Five Stars - It's great, It's awesome, It's perfect... except for one small niggle. 'Clear on pause' doesn't work when you use the keyboard shortcuts. - December 26, 2005 by S W

Messenger Plug-in - Fantastic, does exactly what it says on the tin. Well done on the ability to format what is shown. Replaced my the normal msn message straight away on pausing or stopping. - December 7, 2005 by Benjamin Snowden

need this - asd - November 18, 2005 by sda sdaf

GOOD! YEAH! - this is a really good plug-in, every thing i expected it to be and more :) and the thing i like i about it the most is that it is fully customizable from winamps preferences! Just press ctrl+P and go to MSN Messenger under general Preferences! For the people in the other reviews that couldn't quite firgure out how the customization worked: In the MSN Messenger tab, it should say Formatting: {0} - {1} initially {0} means where you want the song's TITLE to be. {1} is where you want the song's artist. {2} is Album {3} is Star Rating For example if you want it to say artist's name- song title then in the formatting field, enter: {1} - {0} or for: (artist's name) - song title ({1}) - {0} There, i hope that helps :) This is just what I managed to figure out by myself though, I am by no means an expert. For more advanced commands, I recommend checking out the forum for help. Stay easy all :) skillz - November 1, 2005 by Hassan Aijazi

clear on pause - it does clear when i use the actual pause button on the console, but i assign my mouse to these controls, so when i use the mouse buttons to pause it, it doesnt clear in messenger just thought i'd clear that up - November 1, 2005 by Hamish Tozer

Excelent - Its an excelent pluggin; if you pause the song, the personal message disapear; but its good. - October 17, 2005 by Angel Alamos

doesnt clear on pause - yeah, i love this plugin, but mine doesnt clear on pause. yes i do have it checked in winamp preferences - October 5, 2005 by Hamish Tozer

works not properly for internet radio - for example - September 26, 2005 by Patrick Kurmann

works fine - Please don't try to 'buy' help by giving crap reviews. Use the forums for help. - September 7, 2005 by shane hird

sucked - as the others i have downloaded and tried to use: i've installed every goddam MSN plugin i could find to get it to work, I couldn't get any to work at all, what am i doing wrong? what do i need that you aren't telling me?? someone please let me know so i can get it working and give this a 5 star rating like it deserves - September 7, 2005 by Chuck Mollet

Cool! - This plug-in does what it says and the possibility to change the default title format is great. - August 28, 2005 by Cybbis McElainen

works great - here is my config : {1} | {2} {0} {0} $if(%ishttp%,%watitle%,$if2(%title%,$filepart(%filename%))) {1} $if(%ishttp%,Internet Radio,%artist%) {2}%album% |%tracknumber%| - July 4, 2005 by fakou dkr

Best Msn Status Plugin - This is The best msn status plugin by far. i've tried all the other plugins of this kind and this is the only one that truely works when streaming music through your winamp, and doesn't give you any problems with displaying your artist and song title. Hint: next version a lil customizable ;-) - June 29, 2005 by Eric Thompson

Best MSN Now Playing Song plugin - Not only does it work, it is fully customisable. The simplest thing I do is switch around the artist and title using the string: {1} - {0} - June 28, 2005 by Alex Rabina

Great plugin - However, it doesn't seem to work with East-Asian characters. My song name in Chinese shows up correctly in winamp 2. In msn messenger, it look like this: " - ". - June 27, 2005 by Jun Chen

Good with costum titles - If you have made your own title formatting string like me, this is the plug-in for you. I've tried the other msn pm changers and this is the only one which worked the best for me. One ended every title with " -" so I got "Radiohead :: [Pablo Honey] (1993) [02] :: Creep (:Alternative & Punk:) -". And I just couldn't stand the last " -". Another plug-in shorted my title down to something like this "Radiohead :: [Pablo Honey] (19". I never understood why; it had no configuration. But finally I found this! Gen Msn is the best plug-in yet, letting you configure everything. You can simply put your orginal title string in Gen Msn's preferences. It works perfectly for me. - June 22, 2005 by Divo Blaze

Actually, it DOESN'T work... - It looks good, winamp doesn't complain but MSN does. It doesn't work with Windows 98 (wont support media player 9). Installing any other OS will ruin my registry, settings etc. Anyway around this? - June 19, 2005 by Orakio sama

Great, but... - Well, I am having problems with CUE files. The PSM is not updated automatically on song changes when CUE files are used (an additional plugin, [url=]CUE Player[/url], is required and can be downloaded from this site) If I manually advance the playlist, the PSM is updated correctly. Other MSN plugins found on this website do not have this problem, but I'd rather stick with this one, because it is configurable. This is the only glitch I found so far. - June 18, 2005 by Joe Schwinn

This plugin owns - Due to the fact that winamp burns Windows Media player for audio playback, this little package here makes winamp that much better. I still dont understan why it shows the song then artist dont make sene but thats the way wmp does it as well so eh...GET THIS PLUG-IN - June 12, 2005 by Peter Smith

Good...but - its a great program cept for this tag code business. I mean who knows how to use it. I dont. [IMG][/IMG] thats what my msn name would look like when i play internet radio. why does it put artist then title? but when i play a normal song on the computer it says tite then artist? is there any way to get rid off it from saying the internet radio stations name bit in brackets and also remove the "Internet radio" bit? Heres my current settings, Title: $if(%ishttp%,%watitle%,$if2(%title%,$filepart(%filename%))) Artist: $if(%ishttp%,Internet Radio,%artist%) and its set to Title - Artist. Any help would be fantastic. you can email me @ [email protected] thx - June 11, 2005 by Mikey G

Awesome! - Works so fine. - June 6, 2005 by David Stoyanovich

Works - It Works. What else do u need to know? Messenger - 7.0.0813 Winamp - 5.091 - June 2, 2005 by Matt Jennings

Problems With characters - Well, only one thing this plug in supports special characters, because my language is Spanish the character " ? " or accents and when the winamp starts only see this Ŵ, or Δ, and щ я ѓ etc, ???? this is and example.: DesordenPяblico-Maldad Corazщn.mp3 and the original is: Desorden P?blico-Maldad Coraz?n.mp3 Thaks thats great this - June 1, 2005 by Ivans Hd

Excellent - Great plug-in but I have a stupid question..can anyone tell me how I can configure this so that the display reads as 'Artist - Song Name' instead of 'Song Name - Artist'? - May 27, 2005 by Rahul K

Great plugin, lots of possibilities - The plugin works great, i actually only downloaded it to display song info in msn but it can do much more, the possibilities for the song info alone, you can script everything. e.g. I hated the way streams were displayed so now if it's a shoutcast stream it only displays the first 40 chars of the title as displayed in your winamp playlist by using this: $if(%ishttp%,$if(%cmp(:tagln(:watitle)>10)%, $cut(%watitle%, 40)..., %watitle%),%title%) very nice wel done mr. Hird! - May 25, 2005 by black magus

Supreme work! - Good job on this plugin! Suprisingly, you taught me a couple things about Winamp that I didnt know before pertaining to playlist song titles and formatting. Great work! - May 24, 2005 by Justin Dowell

very good - this is very good plug-in personal msg change when start&stop music no need to close winamp.Perfect! - May 10, 2005 by mr.v www

str?kent - fungera te og med!!! - May 7, 2005 by kenneth frantzen

Stream support - There is already stream support, you just need to configure the formatting. For example, change %artist% to $if(%ishttp%,%watitle%,%artist) Take a look at Toaster or [url][/url] for more examples. - April 28, 2005 by shane hird

what about live streams? - Hi dudes its great to have this plug-in for winamp... why? cause winamp is the kick arss player ... always wanted this plug-in for winamp but now that i found it ... i think it still needs an improvement about live streams ...looks like when i listen to radio online it doesn't show what i'm listening to... 2bad hope 2 find that solved in the next version But for now... Great job! i would give 4 1/2 stars but now 1/2 so... 4 it is! > - April 28, 2005 by hunter blade

lo que se necesitaba - Era exacto lo que se necesitaba para la nueva version del messenger ya que esta solo tenia soporte para el Windows media player. - April 27, 2005 by Miguel Manrique

It's not there - Yeah really, WHERE ARE YOU HIDING IT?! - April 26, 2005 by Scott Byrnes

Great! - Easy to install plugin that makes Winamp work with MSN Messenger - say goodbye to Windows Media Player ;) - April 26, 2005 by S Wolfe

Does what it says on the box... - ..... and does it fine, which is great :) - April 25, 2005 by spike C

Could be helpful for us Win 98 users. - Is it possible to have this in Windows 98. I have Windows 98 and MSN7. If possible, that would be awesome. - April 24, 2005 by Steven Strandberg

Works fine... - At last we can enjoy this great function in MSN Messenger - April 24, 2005 by Christian Tang

It is here - Thanks for the review Am Raza. In future, don't rate plugins based on the flakeyness of Nullsoft servers. Be patient and it will come, otherwise see - April 23, 2005 by shane hird

Not here - Where is it? - April 22, 2005 by Am Raza