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FZLyrics by Valentsoft

FZLyrics by Valentsoft

New version 0.3.0 is released!
New safe Internet Lyrics search.
This is an external program program that works with Winamp and allows you to view song's lyrics. It includes editor to create time-tag lyrics files.

Main features are:

* Displays Images

* Displays Song Information

* Works with Audio CD tracks

* Appearance is fully customizable

Look for details at:

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November 4, 2004 by Igor Valentsoft30202 downloads

FZLyrics - FZLyrics by Valentsoft

Staff review

External app that displays lyric files

Solid lyric viewing application... it would be nice to have an option to download lyric files automatically tho.


close, but no banana.... - Nice idea. I like the easy time stamp tagging to make scrolling lyric files. But, to be great, it should have the following: Intregation to WinAmp (not requiring starting an external application), A data base that actually uses the .lrc format and extension that this program uses. Should not be hard top fix (are you listening, Igor?). Keep trying..... - May 20, 2006 by Andrew Spitzer

Almost Perfect - It would've been cool if it could support Unicode fonts for displaying foreign languages. The editor seems to support it and can save out the .lrc files, but the program itself doesn't, which is a shame. - March 26, 2006 by Neo theman

It works just fine - This was the first lyric plugin I had ever used , I think it works fine. I usually find 98% of the lyrics I search for. This plugin just takes a little know-how. - March 18, 2006 by Lon Newkirk

Some explanations about Viruses - I need to make here some explanations about viruses. This program doesn't install viruses or spyware. The program just looking for lyrics on Google site and show links to found sites. Unfortunately some of the found sites are bad. These sites try to install ActiveX controls with virus when you enter such web site. Just always select option "Cancel" in case if site is trying to install ActiveX control on your computer. - September 30, 2005 by Igor Valentsoft

This sucks - all it does is open google and search, and then installs a virus. its a complete POS. - September 27, 2005 by Colin Weaver

It sucks.... - It doesn't work, or theres no songs on the database! - August 19, 2005 by Anthony Fehr

NO Good - Connect it to a Lyrics Database then it would be cool. But for now it's no good... For a good example of what you might do with it look at moreTunes. - November 15, 2004 by Joshua Patterson

uhh... i am reviewing - I don't get the whole program, do us people have to write our own lyrics, download lyrics or something, i've expected it to have the lyrics of my songs by reading it. - November 12, 2004 by Branden T

This Sucks - it doesn't have any good songs in the data base - November 11, 2004 by James Skare