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fxWax is a customizable DSP plugin for Winamp

fxWax is a customizable DSP plugin for Winamp

Now you can create your own presets using parametric audio & video effects!This is an initial version, use at your own risk :)

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July 31, 2001 by Montigo (Lior Grossman)87485 downloads

fxWax - fxWax is a customizable DSP plugin for Winamp

Staff review

Add some spacey depth to your sounds

Nice little plug-in that gives a concert like spatial effect. This version allows you to save presets.


I dunno... - A little let down by this one. Granted, one can't expect all the bells and whistles of a dsp tool pounded out in the labs of a major software conglomerate, but I found this plugin... disappointing. Perhaps if there were a few more subtle presets, I'd feel differently, but all the included presets altered the sound about as subtly as a hand grenade. For the size (and the price), I guess it isn't that bad if you're willing to sit and tweak it. Still, only two stars for you. - August 30, 2003 by Jef McClellan

* The Best * - Montigo, I wish there were more programmers like you. This has to be the very best PLUGIN for audio ever. What gave WinAMP the excellent Visualizations, you are using the same similar technique where you can literally PROGRAM your audio quality and clarification. All of you other commercial, crippleware, and trialware DSP plugin companies (and made-up companies you know who you are!) should take one very hard look at this amazing and SMALL program and hope to GOD the people you're trying to sell your "polished" cool-sleek-designed streamlined audio twitchers to; you better hope they don't find this gem in the rough. BIG thanks for keeping it Freeware, Montigo. :) This is the best ! WinAMP team, you should consider making this part of the overall system ! It goes right in line with custom building Visualizations and with the ability to name/load/save/tweak each and every one in a series of scripting lines, it FAR surpasses all other DSP plugins .. The only thing it's missing is a brain (where it can balance based upon the audio read in as input), but you probably have that planned for next release. :) No need to use DSP stackers and multiple DSP modules or worry about compatibility between two DSP plugins fighting for control over the speaker. This one tool covers IT ALL ! (and it works great on my 100mhz closet computer!) :D I will most DEFINITELY keep an eye on all your future projects and if praise is what you see, you most richly deserve it, Montigo ! Very well done ! =David W= - May 9, 2003 by David Wicker

Nice plugin - I really think this is a great plugin, though I'm not objective... well it's not as good as AVS, but it's nice anyway! :) You should try out the new version before posting flames here! I know, the older version was rather useless. Ah, and please write your comments in English, so I can read it too :) Thanks, Montigo. - August 5, 2001 by Montigo (Lior Grossman)

This sucks - erh, this gives Zero good effect to the sound, except that it lowers sound volume, and increases near Ultra-freq. treble... (18-20Khz) - May 6, 2001 by Bjorn A

Opinia - Ca?kiem fajny programik. Ciekawe efekty dzwi?kowe. Jedyny minus tego programu to to, ?e jest on zbyt prymitywny. - April 22, 2001 by Ozi Ed