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FullScreen Controls 2

OnScreen Display when in FullScreen mode, and auto-bookmarker

OnScreen Display when in FullScreen mode, and auto-bookmarker

I wanted a player that could help seek the start of a film and skip commercials, and continue to play from when I last stopped it. As I couldn't find one that did all this I built my own control. Its mouse controlled as my remote control is a mouse on a long lead!
o skip 5 10 30 sec forward/rewind
o seek bar (using full screen width)
o proportional ffwd/rwd control
o track-time large display
o auto-bookmark (file starts from last position when loaded)
o pauses on load
o pause on right-click
o clip mouse to control (useful when not using built-in On Screen Display, as mouse disappears on video screen)
o configurable ffwd/rwd speed
o exit from FullScreen

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July 9, 2006 by Jon Morgan22422 downloads

FullScreen Controls 2 - OnScreen Display when in FullScreen mode, and auto-bookmarker

Staff review

Addition fullscreen video controls

Once installed this did seem to be a bit quirky in getting the OSD to display especially if Winamp's native one is still enabled.

Otherwise this did work well and the different skip options were quite useful if just for quick seeking in videos or a quick redisplay of what has just been played.


i am in love! - i have been wanting something like this since i have been watching video on my computer. seeking in full screen(and in general) has always been a hassle, but these controls make it a breeze. the best controls i have seen on any media player! thank you, thank only slight complaint is the colors, i would love them to be the transparent black and white. - February 21, 2009 by will n

OK,but...... - The plugin is good, works ok, but another skin would be nice too, or the skinnability.... - January 8, 2007 by Cool Koon

really buggy - Not only is this too big and ugly, it is also is also buggy. I can't exit from fullscreen properly and have to alt tab and terminate wimamp which takes alot of tries because alt tab dosen't seem to always work and it sometimes flickers even when I'm not moving the mouse. Forget about this and just stick to the standard controls. - September 28, 2006 by Allan Curtis

good - good - July 24, 2006 by uthai arwon

near from perfection ! - Jon Morgan really thanks for this plugin. Of course you can ad in the future the skin possibility, the multi language and so on. But what i dream is the option like other video player : when the mouse is just over-up the bar....this bar diseaper... and if the mouse touch the edge, the bar appear again. Or made something like "if the mouse don't move during 5 second, the bar will diseapear I don't know if it's easy to do but....i always dreams of that (personnaly i prefer the look of the version 1...) - July 14, 2006 by FRENCH WINAMP