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FLIC Player

Plays animation FLICs (.FLI, .FLC, .FLX) throught Winamp.

Plays animation FLICs (.FLI, .FLC, .FLX) throught Winamp.

This plugin uses Autodesk FLIC files as input. Supports FLI, FLC and FLX formats. Output is 16bpp windowed. Very fast and small. Tested with big files.

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March 27, 2001 by Sergey Shamshin108541 downloads

FLIC Player - Plays animation FLICs (.FLI, .FLC, .FLX) throught Winamp.

Staff review

Play FLIC files in Winamp

Allows Winamp to associate files of FLI, FLC, and FLX formats. Installs ok and easy to use. -dg


Perfect - Absolutely no probs with this one, works a treat! No need for resource-hogging QuickTime to play FLIs. - October 7, 2004 by Inventive Software

Crash? - It crashes WinAmp when trying to play an invalid FLI file. - March 17, 2004 by Vladimir Panteleev

Does what it says. - Indeed it does exactly what it says. Seems stable enough. Quite cool, because flic files are a neat format that shouldn't go the way of the dinosaur. - January 30, 2002 by Fidel Andrade

If you are still remember Autodesk Animator(c) and the... - funny animations we saw these days, and sometimes today either, feel free to grab that plugin. :-) It works much better than some versions of Autodesk(c) Anim. wich was used to crash my graphic engines... This one works fast, without crashing. If you are still like FLC and more, thats the right one. - May 22, 2001 by Alexander Schwartzau