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flawless playlist plugin

Implements Winamp3 style multiple playlists on Winamp2

Implements Winamp3 style multiple playlists on Winamp2

Now with adaptive skin support, sticky borders and previous/next playlist functionality! (And oh, hide/show the window to re-adapt the skin)

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February 14, 2003 by Ali G7425 downloads

flawless playlist plugin - Implements Winamp3 style multiple playlists on Winamp2

Staff review

Winamp 3 styled playlists for Winamp 2

Handy plugin that allows you to use the Winamp 3 style multiple playlists with Winamp 2. Now with adaptive skin support for those that value visual consistency.


Not All That - I liked it, I was excited at first, hoping it'd work flawlessly. However, I had the same problem K C had... the lists would magically be emptied. The other part that upset me was that when I clicked on WinAmp from my taskbar after I had another Window over it, it would display all the WinAmp windows, but the "Flawless" playlist plug-in was still hidden behind the other open window. Oh well, fix the bugs and this thing would be kick ass. - July 24, 2003 by Brad Edwards

flawless eh? - so its flawless, when i found this plugin i though sweet, its exactly what i was looking for, and i mean EXACTLY. But after i made about 10 playlists in it and used the plugin a bit, the playlists i had created were randomly emptied... absolutely crap, its quite obvious too, its a wonder how a bug like this could slip through. If this was rectified and the windows scroll bar glitch was also fixed then it would be 5 stars without a doubt! - May 11, 2003 by K C

nearly flawless - Ooooh. No need to upgrade to WA3 now :). This plugin is exactly what I've been looking for. Caveats? I wish it supported transparency with TransparentFX and I wish playlist saving was...more consistent/functional/reliable. So it needs a difficult to implement feature (maybe difficult...the TransparentFX guy welcomes skin support, so maybe it could easily be made to work...?) and minor improvements. I'm anal anyway, just get it, quit your bitchin', and use it :). - May 2, 2003 by Clifford Payne