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File Writer output plugin v1_17c

File Writer (mp3, ogg, wav, raw, flac and ape) with support for variables in filename (date/time stamps, etc.)

File Writer (mp3, ogg, wav, raw, flac and ape) with support for variables in filename (date/time stamps, etc.)

This plugin works a bit like the standard Disk Writer plugin, the difference is that this plugin allows you to give files a date and time stamp in their file name (or any other data you would like there) or simply expand the title itself, following the same rules as my LineIn plugin (see my site, optionally you can also let it use just the title as it is given to the plugin. The plugin supports MP3, Ogg Vorbis (now both commandline support), wav, raw pcm, FLAC and APE (Monkey's Audio) as output formats, MP3 and Ogg Vorbis need some dlls or commandline encoders, see my site or mail me for more information, if you want to use either one. New in this version are the new formats and the commandline encoder support, as well as various fixes and small changes.

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August 25, 2003 by Jasper van de Gronde768574 downloads

File Writer output plugin v1_17c - File Writer (mp3, ogg, wav, raw, flac and ape) with support for variables in filename (date/time stamps, etc.)

Staff review

More naming options than standard file writing plugin

This is a pretty straightforward output plugin that works just like the standard wav file writing program... however, this one allows for you to have more control over title naming and date stamping. Fairly easy to set up and configure. Updated version with ogg support and other various fixes and changes.


doesn't work - no file is produced by this plug in although winamo ran ok and appeared to be encoding. - October 3, 2008 by Edmund Tan

Plugin Good, new one is even better! - This plugin works fine as 1.17c but 1.21b is far easier to configure output filenames with.get it here - May 5, 2007 by Anton Vassiliou

I like it - the plugin is a little rough, what I mean the Gui is confusing.... I figured it out easy enough and it did the job perfectly. For anybody that uses this, they will get the results you'd expect - June 25, 2005 by Jarod West

Works Great Out - But Make Your Dirs First - Great plugin, improves the functionality of Winamp imeasureably for me. Especially since the Nullsoft disk writer plugin doesn't seem to come packaged with WinAmp anymore. Maybe it's just 'cause I'm using the lite version. Anyway, bottom line is that it's really easy to set up and use. Word of warning, though. Make sure the directory and/or subfolder you specify in the config screen actually exists on your drive beforehand. The plugin will not create it for you, and will come up with an error and not work if you do. The error doesn't actually say anything about a directory not existing, so it can be a little confusing. - January 14, 2005 by Steph F

Good Job! - Quick & high quality - most importantly is highly & easily configurable. - October 2, 2004 by Walter Coronel

Nice! - This is a handy plug-in for those wanting to convert Mp3's to smaller Ogg vorbis or Mp3 files. It works nicely and I havent had any crashes or BSOD's yet. My only gripes is I wish it could also use the FHG encoder like Nullsofts mp3 plug-in does and also import all the ID3v1 and v2 information from the original Mp3 when re-encoding Mp3s. - June 21, 2004 by Billy Spradlin

Somewhat of a blue-screen - Well it is more like a Red box, but it still crashes. It seems like it only happens so far on .asf files. Oh well, what do you want when the plugin is for free...use at your own risk I guess. - December 21, 2003 by Eric Wahner

just what I needed - This plugin is great because its small and is easy to use, though it took me a little while to find a copy of LAME mp3 encoder. The sound quality is great except when I'm rewriting mp3's to a lower bitrate. It's just what I needed to convert my umx mod files from Unreal. - June 27, 2003 by john doe

Superb - Easy to install, easy to use, very fast, apparently bug free. Uses the ID tag to name the output file, so set it first. (Not sure if its ID3v1 or v2, I keep them the same.) - January 31, 2003 by Gary Marquart

perfect - Useful and excellent. The program doesn't have a bug. If I had to make a suggestion, it would be - the program should ask me if i really want to write that file (box would include don't show next time, which would be an option in the config). because when you let writer as output, next time you play (some other) song, it would overwrite the file... - December 31, 2002 by Maros P.

jus neat - its a neatly cool plugin & its also easy ta use - August 2, 2002 by Venkatasubramanian Muralidhara

I love this plugin!!! - The first time I tried this plugin, I didn't fully understand how it works but now that I know how to work it (and it's quite easy) I'm liking it quite a lot. It's better than the disk writer plugin and less cpu intense. It also allows you to pre-eq your selection or selections before you write your files. You can choose one song or a playlist at a time. I like to save them as wav files that way it takes less time to burn them on cd. As well as all that, it can rewrite the songs in 20% of the play time of the files (ie. 1 min to rewrite a 5 min. recording)using a Pentium II. The only reason I gave this 4 stars is to leave space for something even better. - May 12, 2002 by John Wilson

1 star for the concept - only worth i star say i because while i loved the idea of a multiple format output plugin for winamp, it provided none of the codecs! not even the .wav files turned out. i sent an email to the author as he requested, but i doubt i'll receive a reply... - March 9, 2002 by al putre