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Mixer / Crossfader

Mixer / Crossfader

You can crossfade or mix up to 3 Winamp outputs.

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August 6, 2001 by andre roodt138720 downloads

fcMixer - Mixer / Crossfader

Staff review

Winamp mixer...up to 3 instances

Does what it says... the plug-in could use a snazzier interface...but, it is still functional. Make sure to click on the 'i' icon on the top right corner for instructions on usage.


Great! - The only thing I have to say is the look could use some work. Other then that, this is an amazing program. Note that you will have to allow multiple windows in general preferences. If you want a simple mixer, download this! - November 28, 2008 by Sam Bloomberg

does what is says, says how to do what it does - Simple but does the trick to DJ mix up to 3 winamp players. Suggest the next version be a little bigger. A preview feature to work with a split or second sound card would be neat, but limited in number of users. - June 4, 2006 by marc fromork

- well for one thing im not going to cuss like some newbie and rave only to show my mis-knowledge about computers (i.e. sector changer) I for one have used virtual turn tables but i'd much rather use a program like this instead of buying something expensive like VTT. Either that or I would use Acid which I mix with now and pull my beats with cakewalk or music maker but i give this program 5 stars cause the auther worked long and hard to code this out for one thing. At least this software doesnt break hard disks like all that other nasty software those... oh what is it sector so expertly and unbelievably at the same time "EeleeTLey" put it? fuckers? oh yeah, the software those "fuckers" write to crash your second hard disk. my friend most of the posts here are from a disgruntled gateway tech wannabe nad has no immediately visible intellect as one to rate a plugin, I recommend you download it and try for yourself... - May 29, 2002 by D�nte McLeod

Antoher Mixer - Wanna have a mixer with speed/pitch control? Check out the new mixer at: - March 8, 2002 by Andrin von Rechenberg

Moderately useful... - ...but where the fsck is the option to control the sliders with the cursor keys? Cursor key/automatic sliding is far smoother than using the mouse, unless you have the mouse speed set _exceptionally_ slow, or you have an incredibly steady hand. I hope there'll be the option in the next release to bring the faders up/down at a configurable rate using the cursors. Apart from that, it's all I need. ;-) - January 19, 2002 by Andrew Kurowski

wut a jack ass u r michael - may bee sector went 2 a friends house or at school 2 revew it duh,think u pointless son of a bitch and stop stickin your finger up your ass so much michael next time ill shove the u.s.a flag pole up your ass and leave u hangin,u betta shut the fuck up or beafore i put my balls in your mouth,u lil bitch - January 18, 2002 by armando t pleitos

Sector You Idiot - First of all if it crashed your computer and broke your harddisk you can't use your computer so that meens you couldn't review it - December 13, 2001 by Michael Wooten

lol - maybe your computer just sucks ass. - December 3, 2001 by Glenn b

ok then - nothing special, it's just your average mixer. try virtual turntables, then you'll be impressed. - August 7, 2001 by Adam arnold