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fast OutputSelection

select output plugin via systray context menue

select output plugin via systray context menue

this out plugin makes the output plugin selection very fast and easy.
The active plugin can easy be selected via the context-menu in the systray.

You can select which plugins apear in the context menue
A double click in the configuration calls the configuration from the selected plugin

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January 8, 2006 by Stefan Etschel40138 downloads

fast OutputSelection - select output plugin via systray context menue

Staff review

Output plugin switcher

The idea is nice and most of the implementation worked well (the on-the-fly switching was nice though you notice the effect of buffer delays in the plugins). The main issue though is on this Win2k machine, the tray icon is available for about a second and then it removes itself which defeats the point of the plugin which is a shame.


Great concept... - I use multiple sound cards, and thought this would be the solution for switching between them. Unfortunately, it crashes WinAmp every time I enter preferences. I didn't get any further than that in testing. I DJ with my computer, and cannot accept any plugin that will crash it. Oh...I still use WinAmp 5.08, if that makes a difference. Fix the crashing issue, and I would love to give it a second chance. - August 24, 2006 by Cows Patoot

Yes - I have multible soundcards and search this - June 13, 2006 by Joerg Bechmann

Unstable - Crashes Winamp 5.2 as soon as I try to play MP3-files or the Preferences menu. - March 7, 2006 by m4rc m4rc

Some bugs, makes my Winamp crash, read under... - This plugin made my Winamp v5.12 crash when i try playing mp3/flac/ogg files(havent tried other). It also makes the winamp crash when i try goto the preferences menu, so i had to delete the plugin files manually from the .../winamp/plugins directory. I think this plugin would be a nice tool for winamp users, but unfortunetly it seams very unstable and untested with this release. Hope to see a new releaser soon. To Stefan Etschel: A uninstaller would not hurt either. - January 18, 2006 by Ali K

I love it but it's broken... - God... I've been waiting for someone to write this plugin but unfortuntely this version has a big bug. As the staff reviewer stated, the plugin tray icon disappears making it unuseable. I was able to confirm this on XP but noticed that the plugin died for me only when switching from ML to Vis or Video views and back to ML. If I stay in ML, the plugin works great. One last thing... how about enhancing the plugin to add support for switching DSP/FX plugins? That would make the mixdown/cd burning workflow in Winamp a real treat. Nice job. Looking forward to the next version. - January 12, 2006 by Maynard Krebs