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Explorer Context Menu

Puts the explorer shell context menu into the playlist

Puts the explorer shell context menu into the playlist

Gives you access to the standard Windows 'right click menus' from within Winamp for files in the playlist.

Be able to access the properties of files, 'Cut' and 'Copy' files, delete files, and more - whatever your shell provides.

Chuck some cool stuff in your windows 'Send To' folder and go for your life.

Updated to not crash when file has been deleted in v0.3

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November 8, 2004 by shane hird54079 downloads

Explorer Context Menu - Puts the explorer shell context menu into the playlist

Staff review

Straightforward and functional plugin

Gives you Windows Explorer type functionality in Winamp playlist window. Just rightclick within the playlist window, and you will see the 'Explorer' selection in the list.


Bermanfaat - June 1, 2010 by See k_osijo

need to include this plugin in winamp player. It is very necessary function, which has always lacked. - March 20, 2010 by [email protected]

Dissapointed my hope - The help file that opens right after install informs that it will only work on one file - not everything in the playlist editor, and that this is a limitation of the Windows API. First, I frankly doubt that, as I know many programs that modify groups of files, but second, even if it is so, he should be able to work around that limitation by simply invoking that single call to the API repeatedly for each file in the list. It's a royal bummer this can't work on groups of files - that's the whole reason I searched for and found it. It's of o use to me. - November 24, 2007 by Narf Narf

Excelente!!!!! - PLugin demasiado util, gracias. - November 8, 2007 by Oscar Estrada

Explorer Context Menu - just trying to get a plugin from your site. - February 27, 2007 by roshema henderson

Nice - It's great. I was looking for something like this. Thanks for plugin. - November 16, 2006 by Mariusz Spass

great idea, awesome plug in - makes working with winamp so much easier, great idea, good job - November 3, 2005 by Neo Williams

THANK YOU! - Sweet, now I can delete files from the playlist, couldn't be easier. Plus there's more options! - September 21, 2005 by Chad Biggerstaff

Useful for Managing Files - I'd been looking for a way to delete files directly from winamp, but having every menu command available from windows explorer makes this tool even more handy. - May 14, 2005 by Stevo Allen

The Best! - I just rate this plugin one more time! ;) - April 11, 2005 by Georgi Milchev

No rename option - If the author could add the rename option it would be better :). Good work though. - April 3, 2005 by Sergios Shimitras

good but no multiply select - good but no multiply select - February 14, 2005 by Georgi Milchev

Nice Plugin _limited - I was so pleased to see that someone had developed what Ive been in search for. Everything works excellent except for the fact I cant actually..... 'Cut' and 'Copy' multiple files, and delete multiple files at once. 1 star shy of perfect in my opinion. This feature should be standard on a Winamp install. "Its that serious" - January 28, 2005 by anonymous dude

Just Chuffing - Neat, just what I needed... delete function is excellent, means I don't need to go trawling through folders. Very handy - December 26, 2004 by klio muse

Multiple Items - As it says in the Readme, it is a limitation of MS Windows that it cannot handle more than one item in different folders. Therefore, this plugin will not handle more than one item at a time until Windows itself is changed to support that. Do not bother requesting it. - December 16, 2004 by shane hird

This s great!!! - So, I think this plugin is great,but I have one question: Can you do the same plugin,but to work whit more than one selected songs? That will be the best!!!! Sorry for my english, is not good, but I think you've understand me! :) Thanks! - December 16, 2004 by Georgi Milchev

Good Job - I really like this plug in a lot, thanks for making it, scott - December 11, 2004 by Scott paterson

Nice one! - Easy to use does just what it says! GREAT JOB! - December 6, 2004 by kelly adams

Works perfectly - should have been included in the Winamp core, but hey... I've finally found a way to delete all those unwanted mp3... No more searching for files. And WinXP Pro SP1... works EXACTLY like the animation! - November 30, 2004 by Yiannis Papadopoulos

Small and effective, simply GREAT. - Since more than 2 years I was looking for a 'bridge' between WinAmp and my favorite tag editor because of the somewhat scanty 'view file info' window. After installation of this plug-in and having activated the 'open with ...' function towards my tag editor, I now have access on the fly, when tunes are playing, to infos like exact recording dates and location, participating musicians etc., all available in my ID3v2 tags. All this without any hazzle, it's just working fine. Thanks a lot, Shane, well done ! - November 30, 2004 by Norbert Zeder

damn good - works like the ad says. its a must for winamp. maybe we will see this in the next build. Keep up the good work - November 28, 2004 by stephen daley

Kick-ass - This is another great plug-in by Shane... It does exactly what it says and it does it perfectly. The guy who posted the last comment before mine just can't get it together... - November 18, 2004 by ivan loko

2 stars for now... More to come? - Yes, I have now a nex option "Explore", which is in fact opening my explorer externally to winamp, but i don't have access to it internally, like we can see it on the pic!!! (Windows Xp pro Sp1) - November 14, 2004 by Jive Delpech

Works as advertised! - Very cool, a nice feature that should've been in Winamp in the first place. - November 10, 2004 by Adam Gashlin