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EverQuest Plug-in Version 1.01

EverQuest Plug-in Version 1.01

Let's you control playlist position and volume from within EverQuest. Commands can be mapped to user-defined buttons or hotkeys.

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August 6, 2001 by Tristan Prattaskimana8401 downloads

EverAmp - EverQuest Plug-in Version 1.01

Staff review

Good plug-in for EverQuest players

Allows for you to control Winamp from within EverQuest... very handy if you listen to music while playing the game.


It works - It took me a sec to get it to not be disabled but i figired it out it works. So cool i was just thinking thier needs to be something like this. - April 4, 2003 by jester lee

WTF ARE THE CONFIG BUTTONS - Its great I can listen to my own music, but how the hell do you config your buttons, cause it don't work at all for me. Plus is there a way to turn it off so it goes back to EQ sound? - August 23, 2001 by Jonathan McClanahan

Imitation - A poor imitation of SneakyAmp - August 12, 2001 by Luthair Paendrag