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General plugin to clean out junk tracks.

General plugin to clean out junk tracks.

This plugin has only one purpose, to delete the currently playing song in winamp from your disk. It is useful for people who don't really keep track of what music they download, and who want to easily clean out unwanted songs. It is activated by executing an exe file which triggers the plugin to delete the current song. This new version is fixed to ignore file attributes and support network paths correctly. Full source code included.

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November 1, 2002 by John Engstrom6951 downloads

Eraser - General plugin to clean out junk tracks.

Staff review

Erase files

Does what it says; deletes current playing song from your hard disk when you run the .exe file. It would be nice if there was an option that would prompt the user before the song was actually erased.


Finally, just what I needed... - I was using "file deleter" but after about 3 hours of frustration of trying to get it to work with my remote control, i gave up... however, this plugin is exactly what i needed. I set the "d" button on my remote to execute the file, and bam, file deleted. wish i had found this sooner. - February 10, 2005 by Alan Jacyszyn

not handy - Not a very handy plug-in. To delete a file, you still have to switch to a shortcut on your desktop. - January 2, 2004 by bla qroink