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Equalizer v1-46



- graphic equalizer
- 250+ band -60dB ? +20dB
- logarithmic, linear, low freq scaling
- presets
- Winamp 5 default skin style window
- mover, freehand, line mode
- opacity

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December 10, 2005 by nevi _195606 downloads

Equalizer v1-46 - v1.46

Staff review

Click n Alter dsp

This has an interesting way of setting the eq and is helped by being able to clearly see the value that you're altering. Usability is good and is straight forward to get it setup to what you need.
Looks good with the Modern skin as well.


Very nice.... - I've been playing with this eq for a while now and I have to say I love it! One thing that bugs me... I can't seem to save any of my eq settings even when the option is available. Wassup with that?? Other than that, I like it. - May 26, 2009 by kroabr027

good - Good equalizer, I use it all the time? A preamp control is still missing, it would be very useful if it starts clipping. - September 14, 2007 by Roeland Schoukens

Nice but oddly scaled - The "logarithmic" scale is far from being logarithmic.ChFrq = pow((step/80), 10) * 17.5; // goes to 23KHzUsing this formula (tested and in C format) would follow the logarithmic scale exactly. 80 is the number of steps needed for a decupling of the pitch and 17.5 is the starting pitch. It would go to 23.3KHz for 250 steps in.In addition, for the dB below zero (negative), it is inconsistent with the scale of the positive. The positive appears to be correctly scaled, but the negative is just weird. A sudden jump below -20 dB is nice to have though.Outside these, this equalizer is awesome and I'll definitely keep it. - June 6, 2007 by Nick Smith

Where are presets? - Great Equalizer but one thing still missing PRESETS ;) Like HIP HOP RNB ROCK POP etc etc ;) - June 7, 2006 by DonDomel DonDomel

Update - Check it for new version! - March 29, 2006 by nevi _

Its good, but the frequency range needs seeing to... - Its definately useable and does the job. However, take a look at a professional audio graphic eqs and notice how the frequency range is set up. These are much more useful than the one in this plugin, where the required detail in a well set up eq has to be squashed down into the left half of the graphical range, with the right hand (~2.5k upwards) only really requiring smooth, simple curves. Just a thought for development... - March 8, 2006 by Chris Shaw

nice - I like it - January 7, 2006 by Khalid ham

Crashes! - Had to give 3 stars as it will not load up, just crashes winamp, probably due to other DSPs I have conflicting?? Any Help? - January 7, 2006 by Chris Kelly

Nice - Easy to use. you can just click and drag a line and you have it. im giving it 4 stars just because it is very sensitive to the movement of the mouse. if you have a not so steady hand be careful other then that two thumbs up! - December 14, 2005 by Peter Rawding

Not bad... - ...not too bad at all. Easy to use, not a complicated design. All-in-all rather nice. - December 13, 2005 by Micael Svensson