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Equalizer by_nevi

128 band EQ

128 band EQ

128 band EQ
+20dB - -inf

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January 17, 2004 by nevi _110517 downloads

Equalizer by_nevi - 128 band EQ

Staff review

128 band EQ

Allows you to draw in your curves and notches...fairly easy to tweak. Has a frequency and db readout display that follows your cursor. Sounds good as well. It would be nice to be able to save and load presets tho.


Has a Virus!!!! - I just got a 'adware' virus warning from Both of Nevi's Equalisers. I've had them for a little while, and AdAware just iDed them; so fix it please. - August 23, 2005 by Rich Bennett

not well scaled - it is difficult to achieve what you want because small size and the scale through 100 Hz to 1KHz is too small, i suggest to allow expanding its size and put stereo channels. use linear scaling 1/3 octave as used in professional systems. that way one will have a nice plug in, it is very important to have what happens in eq, seen in the spectrum analyzer (the winamp one). If eq distorts signal i want to see it in the spectrum analyzer, if signal is too weak, spectrum analyzer should have poor gain. regards, Killa - June 10, 2005 by rodrigo fajardo

frivilous - I hate to say it, but this is absolutely useless. Although it works well enough for the bands available, any EQ that doesn't go down to at least 40 Hz is worthless. If this could be remade to include ranges down as far as 20 or 18 Hz it would be wonderful... - January 29, 2005 by Tim Rogers

garbage - 128 band eq that starts at 172 hz? Don\'t waste your time. - September 11, 2004 by Johnny Genitals

Good - This equalizer was very good!!! Now it sounds good in winamp!!! - September 15, 2003 by Janne Hannila

left doubleclick - left doubleclick = reset set - June 19, 2003 by nevi _