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Enhancer Skin


Bento Skin for Enhancer

For all Bento and Enhancer lovers ;-)

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April 10, 2009 by Marko Egger37715 downloads

Enhancer Skin - Bento - Bento Skin for Enhancer

Staff review

Bento Skin for Enhancer

Enhance the Bento, or was that Bento the Enhancer?


Just as Aaron said, it works fine when you install it the way he says - November 28, 2010 by AngelG

Works fine for me - Not sure what the problem was for the previous reviewer. I simply placed the enhancer_bento.bmp file into \Winamp\Plugins\Enhancer\017 folder. I then opened Enhancer's dialog in Winamp, right-click the interface, chose "Skin Browser", selected enhancer_bento.bmp and it worked perfectly.Looks great, too. 5/5. - September 7, 2009 by Aaron Boswell

bad bad bad - not working man :D - April 17, 2009 by tr6161 6161