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easyOSD XP

On-Screen-Display Utility for the use with Winamp, Version 0.5.5

On-Screen-Display Utility for the use with Winamp, Version 0.5.5

Update! (6/5/04) - Updated Remote Control

easyOSD (V.0.5.5) is the professional On-Screen-Display you have ever missed. Use it to display the current winamp status and title and make your desktop looking better with the integrated skin and alpha blending support.

- Shows current Winamp title and Winamp playmode

- Shows the volume level for a selectable sound device if the level changes

- Shows the Battery status and left runtime

- Checks a POP3 account

- Shows news from a HTTP-Feed

- and much more

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May 31, 2004 by Daniel Wilhelm34064 downloads

easyOSD XP - On-Screen-Display Utility for the use with Winamp, Version 0.5.5

Staff review

Very functional and customizable on-screen display app

Displays current Winamp info... very customizable. You can set it up to look how you want, where to appear, how it fades in, etc. Not only can this display Winamp track info, but, it also shows your battery status along with some other nifty features. Includes configurable hotkeys as well.


Great Plugin... - Really does what it's supposed to do. No crashing, no spyware, no tax inspections... Just brilliant! Other similar plugins won't work on full resolution, but this one's just perfect... It would be even better if it was possible to display more info besides Artist and Track titles (ie: Album, Publishing Year, etc.), but so far, so good... Frankly, I just can't wait for an update... - August 11, 2005 by Lokesh Kriplaney

I Love It! - The most interesting feature to my mind is, that you are able to see HTTP/RSS feeds with this OSD. You can easily combine this tool with your own php script giving you whatever information you like, e.g. current information of you webserver. - June 5, 2004 by Stefan Pasel

Well... - This is like many "plug-ins" it's not one. Its an entirely separate application. But besides that misdirection which I find all too common, it isn't overly customizable. You can chose from about 3 themes which can be changed slightly, but you cannot stop it from sending you to when you accidentaly click on the pop up, (which I thought would make it go away). It lagged for me once I clicked it. Overall, I'd recommend the Toaster plugin over this. - June 2, 2004 by Andrew Tompson