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The ultimate information plugin

The ultimate information plugin

EAR is a plugin for Winamp, that will let you view all ID3 v1.0/1 and ID3 v2.3/4 informationfor the file that currently is beeing played.Ear renders a document with the information, which will be shown in the Mini browser.EAR also support user template creation, so that you can create documents, showing EXACTLY the information that you are interested in, in the look you want.EAR is also fully localizable, and comes with 8 default languages.For a complete feature list, please visit EAR's homepage.

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February 5, 2002 by Mikael Stalvik5326 downloads

EAR - The ultimate information plugin

Staff review

Hmm...couldn't get it to run

The plugin installed ok...and shows up in the Winamp general plug-in list. However, every time Winamp starts, I get an error message stating 'class not registered.' I then go in to configure EAR... and it says 'plug-in executed illegal operation, restart of Winamp reccommended.' At least it doesn't crash tho. Anyways, I'm running win2000 and Winamp 2.7x. Hopefully others have better luck with this than I did because it seems like a very complete and useful plug-in.


another problem... - Works well with mp3, but seems like it has a problem with aacPLUS. Though aacPLUS use id3 Tag.. If it solved, it's gonna be great plug ins - March 17, 2007 by Harry Lesmana

Shows all tag info - The kind of plugin you will ove to see all the information you have written in the ID tag of your mp3. I have not had any problem with it. - October 24, 2004 by aodalas .-

no problems at all - idon't know how you tested it, but i can run this plugin smoothly. and i DO like. simple and powerfull for non-lame music lovers. - June 25, 2002 by jan kowalsky

To lazy..? - In the readme file, you can see that MSXML3+ is required. This information can also be found at the webpage. This is causing the error. I suggest that you read the documentation better before you incorrectly rates plugins. - February 5, 2002 by Mikael Stalvik