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E-mail Sig Plugin

Version 1.0.1

Version 1.0.1 - it works!

Here's a plugin that will update any number of signature files of your choice with the currently playing song. Very simple, easy interface. And free. Did i mention free?Also works with the new Winamp 5.0 rc 8 and later, and it won't lose any config data on you.

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November 30, 2003 by Chris Rose7080 downloads

E-mail Sig Plugin - Version 1.0.1 - it works!

Staff review

Attach custom signature files

Updates signature files with current Winamp information. You can add as many signature files to be updated as you desire. Fairly easy to set up and configure; has a preview option as well.


... - Alright, it's configured easily enough, but how do you actually use it as a signature in an e-mail or on a message board? - March 12, 2005 by Jeremy Brockbank

How?? - This is great and all, but could someone tell me how to use this? like how would I go about using this to make an image file and use that on a forum has a sig. Oh and would a free host be okay? Because I'm currently using sigamp and its very non-customizable unless you pay. and Im broke. - February 6, 2005 by Pstubb StRAtAGEMo0oDESiGNS

Ideal for recording your current track into a file. - I came across this when looking for something to do said task, and this is by far the most user-friendly plugin I've found for doing so. My one gripe: If you close the configure box without clicking [apply] first, it loses all your changes without asking for confirmation. Apart from that, it's great! - June 25, 2004 by Errol Gerry