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Dj Quarc 1-0

Intuitive MP3 Manager

Intuitive MP3 Manager

Dj Quarc is a plugin for Winamp to organize libraries of music files on CDs, HDs and your network. Scan your volumes and you can: - search, - load songs to Winamp, - have an overview and - a history of recently played songs or playlists. If one or more items are selected to be played the Dj Quarc will cache them to a cache folder. Dj Quarc also supports systemwide hotkeys for Winamp controls and special functions (system volume, fade to next song etc.). Dj Quarc's goal is to keep your mind free from searching your music. Just get a grip and hear the music!' (see the readme file)

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September 25, 2004 by Marc Tricou32917 downloads

Dj Quarc 1-0 - Intuitive MP3 Manager

Staff review

Dj Quarc Mp3 Manager

A different approach on organising your music which is fairly simple to install, setup and to start using.

Most features are straight forward to use though the interface can be a bit overpowering for the first time user.


So ahm... yeah. - Sounds an awful lot like the Winamp Library that already ships with the full Winamp bundle. The specifications of the plugin remind me of Winamp Library to all points except for some useless fading thingies... Dunno 'bout you, but I'd give it an F+ if I didn't try it, which I haven't. F+ it is. Anywho, I don't have to try it, since Winamp Library is all ye need. It's so underestimated! It's incredible how people resort to hills and buckets of plugins, but all you need is right at home. :D Nice to see that people are actively in the developing scene though. Props! So... D for showmanship. 5 stars: A+ 4 stars: A 3 stars: B 2 stars: C 1 star: D 0 stars: F - November 8, 2005 by Victor Zamanian

JAKE - GOOD! - November 21, 2004 by jake jake

Of course, i like it :-) - Cool, i'm glad, that the Dj is already online! Yes, it's me, Quarc. Am i allowed to rate my own plugin? If not, sorry ;) Ok, I love this tool, because it just does what i ever wanted it to do. But, still my bucket of ideas is so big that there's still a lot to do. my dream: the Dj A.i. I'm working on it. Just have a look from time to time on the website ( --qc - September 28, 2004 by Marc Tricou