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Dj Quarc 0-6-3

Intuitive MP3 manager for Winamp 2

Intuitive MP3 manager for Winamp 2

Dj Quarc is a plugin for Winamp to organize libraries of music files on CDs, HDs and your network. Scan your volumes and you can: - search,- load songs to Winamp, - have an overview and - a history of recently played songs or playlists. If one ore more items are selected to be played the Dj Quarc will cache them to a cache folder.Dj Quarc also supports systemwide hotkeys for Winamp controls and special functions (system volume, fade to next song etc.).Dj Quarc's goal is to keep your mind free from searching your music.Just get a grip and hear the music!'(see the readme file)

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April 14, 2003 by Marc Tricou18599 downloads

Dj Quarc 0-6-3 - Intuitive MP3 manager for Winamp 2

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Dj Quarc Mp3 manager

Allows you to easily manage and organize music file libraries on your CD's, harddrives, and networks. View the readme file for more info on Dj Quarc's features.


such a cool thing - Hi Quarc, I remember that I write a statement some time ago. Your tool still in use and I followed the steps you did in the time between. Greate Job. Just a nice tool you have. Greetings Lars - December 27, 2003 by Lars Wirnhier

Awesome DJing tool! - Since I'm a professional DJ I always looked for an archiver with a good search engine, but never found one.. till now! I converted most of my CDs into mp3 and with this plugin, tons of index pages are history and everything can be found in just a sec. Waiting for 1.0 .... go for it !!! - May 2, 2003 by Peter Peterson

excellent! - Hey, this is really a very useful Plugin! It's free, and it's really pretty fast. I would'nt know what i'd do without this cool utility. It is really worth 5 stars! - April 25, 2003 by Philip Putsch

Can this be? - my plugin can so much, search, CD caching etc. Only 4 stars in Completeness? Even systemwide shortcuts and export of the whole MP3 library. It supports HD, CD and network, so in my little opinion i give myself 5 Stars (if i'm allowed to reviews my own plugin :) - April 25, 2003 by Marc Tricou

Neat util - Have ~60 gigs of mp3s scattered all over. The search feature is cool and pretty fast. It takes a lot of cpu and time to rescan disks though. But hey..its free and theres no associated BS. - April 22, 2003 by A J

very useful plugin! - I love this plugin and use it nearly every day because it gives me an overview about thousands of stored files. With this plugin it is easy to find songs in less than two seconds. :-) - April 15, 2003 by Malli Vonsinnen

I love it! - After one year searching for something like this I found my favorite MP3-Manager. Extremly fast search capabilities and easy scan-in functionality for my CD-collection. I really can recommend that one. - April 15, 2003 by hugo schmidt

not fancy, but very usefull - That's a plugin I like. All these fancy plugins with the nice animations are fine, but I am listen to music mostly by working or sometimes gaming on computer. So I like to select all songs before I start with work. With the Dj it's possible. It's much better than to search songs in the explorer or with other tools, because is directly communicating with winamp. ah, the buttons are not that nice, but it's still a version below 1.0, so hopefully the design of the buttons will be better in the future ;o) - June 11, 2001 by Lars Wirnhier

Couldn't Find stuff on my HD - I tried to scan my HD's and it couldn't. I am running Win98. Not helpful.... unfortunately - May 12, 2001 by Marc Friedman

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