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Completely configurable global hotkey solution for Winamp 2.x and 5.

Completely configurable global hotkey solution for Winamp 2.x and 5.

Version: 0.6

* Completely configurable global hotkey solution and comes preconfigured for several Keyboards including Logitech and Microsoft.

* Accept WM_APPCOMMAND so winamp my use common drivers for special (multimedia) keyboards as some software: Windows Media player, Windows CD player, etc...

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July 10, 2002 by Dmitry Fedorov Levit57179 downloads

DIMIN HOTKEYS - Completely configurable global hotkey solution for Winamp 2.x and 5.

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Hotkeys for Winamp

Preconfigured for several Keyboards including Logitech and Microsoft.
This new version now has a configuration screen that makes things easier.


Very Good - Excellent plug in, this plugin search my keyboard automatically . - January 7, 2008 by Leonardo Cruz

great! - it's great...downloaded, installed, configured in less than 5 minutes alltogether... and now my toshiba satellite m30 media-control keys are working for winamp at last...REALLY GREAT WORK! - November 10, 2007 by manu m

works easy - I liked that there is a choice of pre-configured keyboard brands. I selected one similar to mine and it worked brainlessly. thanks!! - October 2, 2006 by eden tryssic

Great plugin - Installed after 10 seconds, configured after 5 seconds, works really well with my Microsoft Digital Media Pro keyboard. Thank you for that! - August 1, 2006 by Uli S

?????? - ??????????????????????????????????winamp???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? thank Dmitry Fedorov Levit! - July 26, 2006 by li bin

It works! - Took a total of 1 minute to download, and configure. What else can I say? - June 12, 2006 by Tim Moore

Simply amazing - Works with my logitech G15 in 1 minute, 5 star plug-in - April 26, 2006 by Ian Cox

Exactly what I needed - I have an AOpen keyboard and the "drivers" are an ugly, bloated, memory-sucking application set. All I wanted was to use the keys for Winamp! This is perfect! - April 9, 2006 by Lawrence Anderson

Also works on Dell Dimension keyboard - I have a Dell Dimension desktop with accompanying wireless mm keyboard and this great plugin made it work in just a few seconds! I selected the Inspiron preset from the menu, but that obviously also did it for my Dimension desktop. I use the vomule knob for my system\'s volume though, but you can also set it that it only adjusts winamp\'s volume. Great work! - March 27, 2006 by Pieter Duits

Awesome - I just made the move from Winamp 3.x where my media keys on my Microsoft wireless keyboard worked fine. Loaded 5.x and no longer did they work. I installed this plugin and selected Microsoft keyboard and Instant sucess! No more mousing over to other displays to find Winamp controls. - January 18, 2006 by Pat Sanderson

Solved my keyboard problem... - I was looking for a plugin that would allow me to use my Microsoft Natural Keyboard with Winamp since the media keys were not working by default. This plugin was exactly what I needed and required no configuration since the preconfigured template worked immediately. Configuration is very simple, however, by using the utility supplied. - December 22, 2005 by Evan Stone

Works in 10 seconds flat! - Installation was made even easier by the plug-in having the setup files for my keyboard pre-installed (Microsoft Multimedia Keyboard). A restart of Winamp later and everything was working. Great job! - December 7, 2005 by Philip King

Very Good Plugin - I spent 3 hours tring to get all my multimedia keys working and this plugin did it in 5 minutes. It works great and it's easy to use. Great plugin. - November 25, 2005 by Mikael Stadden

Works flawlessly - This is the first plug in for multimedia keyboards I've actually seen work. I created an account specifically to write this review. Well done. - November 10, 2005 by Arnab Roy

Great Plugin - Wow, I tried a couple of other plugins and this one worked! Easy to setup and use! Great job! - August 18, 2005 by Patrick Carroll

Excellent - Just got a Microsoft Digital Media keybaord - designed of course to interface with WMP but not my beloved Winamp. This plugin does exactly what it says on the tin, and allows me to use the keyboard with Winamp. Brilliant. - July 14, 2005 by P Nattress

Works with Dell Inspiron 9300 - I've been using some version of this plugin for years and years...every time I get a new system it's come through! Works with the media control keys on the front of my new dell inspiron 9300 laptop! - June 20, 2005 by Mike Baynton

Yes, It's a best plug-in for multimedia keyboards - I'm search in several sites for one plug-in, but the most not function ok!! I'm happy with this plug-in!! =) - April 28, 2005 by Hugo Corra

Works Perfect - Installation and setup are very smooth, work perfectly, and very customizable. - April 10, 2005 by Sir Shunt

Perfect!! - Just what I needed to control my Microsft Multi-media Keyboard. - March 6, 2005 by Timothy Sullivan

Excellent - Does what it should, no more no less. You can skip tracks whenever you want, even when playing games. Great plugin! - December 23, 2004 by Sire 404

Works great on Acer Aspire 2000 - Finally after searching endlessly for a plug that would support my laptop, I finally found it. - September 12, 2004 by Ivan Z

Finally... - I have a Mitsumi keyboard and everyother hotkey program wouldnt detect my media keys. DIMIN does! Great plugin with easy config. - May 15, 2004 by Bob Alten

A Quick Fix - This is defiantly a great plug-in. The configuration process isn't that hard, but if you have a general idea on how key presses on a keyboard work, you have a leg up. The configuration also allows you to watch for other key presses or ignore them. My Microsoft Internet Keyboard 2 worked perfectly with the "Microsoft Media Keyboard? pre-configuration file. - April 8, 2004 by X-Gear Gear

Woring plugin supporting WM_APPCOMMAND - yuppee - well I spent some time looking for a plugin like that - and it works fine :))) It is luck my MicroSoft keyboard works with one of the Logitech keyboard sets. One drawback: setting the hotkey is a pain I guess - how could you say which number you need? Anyway I did not have to use the config screen - so worked fine and easy for me.. - March 7, 2004 by Peter Bosilkov

Good Work! - Works perfectly with my Trust 300KD using the default logitech itouch profile! I have tried some hotkey plugins that only let you use "real" keys, and you have to use a modifier like ctrl or alt, but this lets you JUST use your hotkey on a special keyboard which works great. Only supports play/pause, forwards, back, and stop (on my keyboard anyway). Thanks! - February 25, 2004 by Andy Lansdowne

only for logithech KBs - i've got a btc 9000 keyboard, and this plug-in doesn't tell the difference between different keys (4ex, volume up and down are both recognozed as "255"), besides, its interface is really unintuitive, finally i had to asign other keys than those meant 4 volume in order to make it work - July 12, 2002 by andres perea

Yes! Five Stars indeed! - My Logitech multimedia keyboard comes to life. Thank you! - June 1, 2002 by Jose Ruas

Lovely! - Having an "old" PS2 keyboard with no extra buttons on it, this plugin was exactly what I needed to use Winamp without having to always change the active application when I was browsing or working. Being able to set up my function keys to play/pause, stop after current, skip forward/backward and turn the volume up and down was wonderful. I have now "upgraded" to a newer PS2 keyboard that has additional buttons for volume, track etc but alas, these buttons only apply if I use Windows Media Player for MP3s. No thanks, I prefer my Winamp. The buttons still work great with this plugin, all except the volume controls which have changed slightly. Now they control the master volume, not the Winamp volume as they did previously. Unfortunately, the buttons use a 4 digit keycode, something this plugin does not (yet) support. A very minor problem but one that's not really worth worrying about, I'm sure the plugin will be improved in the future to handle 4 digit keycodes. - May 22, 2002 by Gnuthad Gnuthad

Excelent! - I have a multimedia keyboard, and I started to search a winamp plugin which knows how to handle my Play/Pause, Stop, Prev and Next special keys on my keyboard... I've tried several plugins, but none of them worked. This one really works! Thanks to the author! Great job! - May 8, 2002 by Andrei Toma

ATI Remote Wonder works! - Thank you, this is what I needed. Since my ATI Remote Wonder (from AIW Radeon 7500) only can send certain keys to the app, I needed a way to make Winamp react to those keys. This plugin did it for me. Takes a few minutes to set up, but not more since the setup UI is simple. Also, you have to restart Winamp before the new settings take effect - before that I thought it didn't work, but now it works perfectly! - May 1, 2002 by Sebastian Krasomil

THE BEST THAT IS!!! - This is the best plugin i have ever seen!!! It works PERFECT with my Logitech keyboard!!! Respect to Dmitry Fedorov Levit!!! - February 23, 2002 by Niklas Bakman

You're My Hero! - Before I got this my Dell multimedia keys were useless. If you have a multimedia keyboard that only works in Windows Media Player download this now! - February 12, 2002 by Adam Hawkins