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Play a song and get related news,concert info,biographies,top 20 charts, discographies,unreleased tracks,new releaseinfo

Play a song and get related news,concert info,biographies,top 20 charts, discographies,unreleased tracks,new releaseinfo

The Digital Music Network is a free plug-in that works with your Winamp player. All you have to do is listen to music on your computer and DMN does the rest. As you listen to a song, DMN gives you information about the artist such as news flashes, concert schedules, new release dates, biographies, discographies, top 20 charts, message boards, chat functionality, and tons more. Best of all, DMN helps you discover new music. With our ?Play it or Slay it? feature you get the opportunity to hear new songs even before they are released. We also have the ability to give you sophisticated recommendations that help you discover new music based on what you have already listened to. And even if all this wasn?t enough DMN has added a brand new ?Play Music? feature. This allows you access to our library of High Quality streaming music and music videos. DMN is the first program to truly merge the power of the Internet with the music you have been listening to for years. Be prepared for an online music experience like no other. All of this functionality is built into a small, efficient program that takes up minimal system resources and best of all, is absolutely free.

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February 8, 2002 by Digital Music Network58571 downloads

Digital Music Network - Play a song and get related news,concert info,biographies,top 20 charts, discographies,unreleased tracks,new releaseinfo

Staff review

Informative music community plug-in

Easy to set up and use... provides you with information and reccommendations based upon what you are currently listening to in Winamp. Therefore, the more accurate your mp3's are tagged, the more informative DMN will be. The database seemed pretty solid from my testings... I stumped it a few times...and I had it surprise me at other times with information I didn't think it would have. The community aspect of DMN is nice.... you get to see other people who have reviewed songs that you are listening to...and you can see if they are currently online and what they are listening to.


Why do you want my credic card # before I even try it? - I don't trust people that say I have a free trial period and ask for my credic card # before I even start the trial period! This is proubly pretty good, but I won't give out my card # untill I try it first!! - March 1, 2002 by Tony Hobbs

Essential mp3 utility! - Hard to add to the raves everyone has stated so far. Indeed, this is one great plug in! One unexpected benefit I've found is the ability to use DMN's vast data bank to update and/or correct mp3 tags. Just play your song and click on the song data link. You get a complete listing of everything associated with the artist and the song. If you love listening to, collecting and maintaining mp3s, this is truly an ESSENTIAL plug-in to have. - February 25, 2002 by Rip Washington

Its pretty cool - Interesting and fun to play around with..... - January 23, 2002 by Amanda Nyland

Totally Unique, Totally Awsome - I love it!!!!!!! Words cannot describe how cool this program's features are. As you are listening to music you get a bunch of info about the artist/album, can chat with other people with similar music taste, get recomendations for other songs you may like (its pretty darn accurate. Oh yeah and Its totally free!! - January 17, 2002 by Rick Southgate

Well made and a must download! - I didnt get to finish my review so Ill try again.... Anyway this thing is super. It adds a lot of fun and a lot of information to winamp. This is one of the best plugins I have downloaded yet. Ill keep it for a long time - January 11, 2002 by Kate Stropnicky

CDDB for Mp3 with lots of features. - First of all, this is the enormous database of all songs, albums, artists, biographies and reviews for every song you play. But not just that, u can join clubs, win prizes, rate songs, get recommendations, find and talk to other fans and more. That's the plugin i've been really looking for. - January 10, 2002 by Mike Serg

Its Like adding a music Encyclopedia to Winamp - Really cool... I don't think I will ever use winamp again without it. They should include this thing in Winamp 3. - January 8, 2002 by KC Durham

Wow, Wow, Wow - This adds soo much more to Winamp. Let me break it down for all of you. When you play a song the software grabs all the information about the artist/song/genre/and other fans of that song and presents all the info in a window. Buts thats not the coolest part. After a while of listening music I was given recomendations of other songs and artists i might like.. Cool thing was, the thing was dead on accurate. Anyway, this thing is great, download it and enjoy! - January 3, 2002 by lisa simmins

Ohhhhh Yeahhhh! - This plug is better than the WINAMP search (at least for discographys, top 40, etc.). I have it a 5 star but I woulda gave it a 5 1/2 because it's a tad slow (it probably just me...) - January 2, 2002 by Oscar Campbell

Ohhhh Myyy Goddddd - Are you kidding me? This is by far the best plugin I have ever seen!!!!! It does all that it claims to do plus more. What is really crazy though, is that it does all this in real time as you listen to stuff. One recomendation though is that they should get rid of some of the windows and put all the info on the software. - January 2, 2002 by Mike Corbech