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DFX Cheesecake Skinpack

DFX ahoooooy

DFX ahoooooy

DFX skin packs, the cheesecake years......

This skin pack will install the following skins on your system, you should have the DFX plugin installed to use them. Get the DFX plug in here.
1) Jenny McCarthy, Hard lines and smooth curves... Hard geometric lines, complemented by the smooth curves of Jenny McCarthy.

2) Jenny McCarthy, in the shower... Join Jenny for a little soap fun.

3) Jeri Ryan, Back to wall... Get Dirty and grungy all over again with Jeri Ryan

4) Bathtile Bleu... Wash away those sins in cool bleu.

The DFX skins also have matching Winamp skins if you wish to experience the full on experience,, find them here..

Jenny McCarthy lines and curves..

Jenny McCarthy in the shower.

Jeri Ryan back to the wall

Bathtile Bleu

All work remains the copyright of the original artists, please see the accompanying read me files in each skin directory for more details, please do not rip, alter or pass off as your own work, it's not big and it's not clever and the Capt will come get you :)

(c)2001 Capt Jones Studios

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June 28, 2001 by Capt Jones39016 downloads

DFX Cheesecake Skinpack - DFX ahoooooy

Staff review

DFX Cheesecake Skinpack

Some cheesy skins for your dfx plug-in. Jenny McCarthy, Jeri Ryan, and Bathtile Bleu are the skins here. Have fun.


Damn they look so porn ^_^ - But they are not so useful... - July 15, 2003 by Sweet-O Dude

Gotta have them! - How could I guy like me not love a skin pack like this? Any one wanting to make image skins should use these as examples of what to do right. - July 12, 2001 by Skin Lovers