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DeStereo Plug-in

Stereo -> Mono

Stereo -> Mono

Doesn't sound particularly useful... But it IS if you only have one speaker, or your connection/cables are shot. (Source included)

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March 26, 2001 by Jacob Bower35863 downloads

DeStereo Plug-in - Stereo -> Mono

Staff review

Switches from stereo to mono

Useful tool for those with only one speaker. -dg


My Winmp 2.91 crashes - My Winmp 2.91 crashes after using this plugin :/ - August 6, 2009 by Arturs Kronstein

very nice - Exactly what I needed, since one channel of my headphones is broken.Perfect! - April 1, 2009 by jochem kempe

Great for those who need it - Due to my job I spent lot of time in car. For now, I have an old radio-cassete deck.But it gives only left channel on bouth speakers. So I desparatly needed something like this.So, what to say, I'm very greatful.Thanks!!! - March 15, 2008 by Vladimie Jelic

It is useful - very useful for those mpg files that for some reason or another only have one channel. - September 1, 2004 by Windle L

Good for Oddcasting... - This is a very good plugin to be using with the Oddcast DSP if you're brodcasting a low bitrate MONO version of your station, as the oddcast DSP gets it's Mono information from the left channel only.....or is it the right... either way, it screws up the way certain songs sound... but this fixes that problem!!! - November 5, 2003 by Britney Wilkes

A bug! - the plugin sounds "retro" because there's a bug inside: in line 88, replace samples += 2 * sizeof(short int); by samples += 2; i tried to contact the author, but the mail address seems to be invalid. so i post it here. - November 19, 2002 by christian lier

Great! - This plugin is great! It has one small glitch. When you play a bitrate higher that 160kbps it makes strange noises like the sound is slightly off (left is behind right or something) But other than that the plugin is great! I have an organ with line-in and wanted to test it. Thanks! - January 27, 2002 by Bill Journee

adds life to music - this is cool!, if u dont want a messy dsp plugin hangin beside ur playlist, this is great! adding life to the music, be sure to use it with winamp?s equalizer!! - August 3, 2001 by Edmund Sterling

A bug? - This plugin is adding some noise in high frequencies. Sounds like aliasing distortion after resampling. Strange, because resampling isn't required to convert stereo to mono. - June 21, 2001 by Michael Borisov

Mono Rocks - Mono doesn't rock, but this plug-in lets one enjoy the simple sound of mono by blending left and right channels. It's great if you are looking for that retro monophonic sound. - May 10, 2001 by timothy huver